Pinout Diagram of the “DC” CDI

Ignition systems that use a “DC” powered ignition box are pretty rare.  Even so, we get a lot of questions about how to troubleshoot them.   We hope you’ll find our diagram valuable in your repair efforts!

The most notable difference between this system and the standard “AC” style, is that this type of CDI box is powered by the battery – instead of being powered directly from the stator.

Pinout diagram of the "DC" style of CDI box for the GY6 engine.

13 thoughts on “Pinout Diagram of the “DC” CDI

  1. David Wassell

    I have a yg6 150cc go cart with no spark I replaced coil,stator,cdi starter relay,new battery have power up to key ignition but when you turn key to start nothing happens have lights starters good my cdi box has 6 pins but my connector has 5 wires which hole should the 2 plug wire go there is only one wire but 2 pins

  2. Mike arnold

    I have yerf dog scout model 34910 im tying to figure out if it is an ac or dc on the voltage .it has no spark i have bout a new stator coil and modual i have read some of the diagrams and tried to check the voltage it has a 8 winding stator and only shows to have .2 ac volt any help would be greatful thanks mike

    • Travis @ BD

      The Yerf Dog Scout has the DC CDI. 0.2vAC on the trigger wire coming from the stator (should be a blue/while wire) is normal.

  3. Mike arnold

    Is thier a difference in the coil and the stater versus the AC in the DC and do you think the CDI box will fix my problem

  4. John D

    I have the same problem as Mike Arnold. As soon as the motor starts to turn over, I have fire on the plug. Maybe 2 or 3 sparks and then no fire until I switch off the key, at which point I get 2 or 3 more sparks. I’m baffled about this issue?!?? Any ideas?

    My unit is a DC CDI model that ran great over the weekend…a

  5. eduardo constantino jr

    I thank you for great info

  6. Paddy

    Pin 5 in the above diagram is often not used on the newer wiring looms, instead pin 6 is switched power, so if you only have 5 wires that’s why.

  7. Nick T

    I have the CDI pictured here. So do I for sure have a DC system……and is that important to know besides the CDI.

    BTW, very happy to have found this website. I just bought a Hammerhead 150 Sport, which ran awesome for the 5 minute test drive, then the belt broke. So he replaced the belt, and when I picked it up 4 months later with new belt, it didn’t start, and the wiring had been spaghettiized. Doesn’t start. So, since I know it runs, I’m gonna start with a new harness, and go from there. So, as I “dive in”, I ask my original question……..DC? Thanks- – – – Nick

  8. EDDIE

    Thank you for this site and info it helped me .

  9. Damon cozzo

    Unrelated comment but this is the best website or the best thing I’ve ever seen anybody do in the sport thank you very much

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