150cc GY6 Stator Installation Guide

Installing an upgraded stator is a great way to get additional power for stronger lights or to boost your charging system.   Using these instructions, you’ll be lighting up the road or trails in no time.


A GY6 flywheel puller will be needed to remove the stock flywheel.  A 3-jaw puller won’t work for this job, the stator you’re trying to remove will warp before budging from the crankshaft.

You’ll also need a 19mm socket wrench to loosen the flywheel nut.

Before starting, disconnect the negative lead of your battery.

Getting Started – Getting to the Stator

Locate the black plastic cooling shroud on the passenger-side of the engine.   Remove this cover.
2x 8mm hex bolts | 2x screws

Remove the white cooling fan.
4x 8mm Bolts

Remove the flywheel nut.
It’s the large nut at the center of the flywheel assembly.  An impact wrench may be needed.
1x 19mm Nut

Using flywheel puller, remove flywheel.
We now have direct access to the stator.

Important tip #1!
Be sure to take a picture of how the stock wires are routed under the clamp.  This is for your own reference during installation.  Routing the wires wrong under the clamp will almost certainly lead to wire damage.

Important tip #2!
Be sure absolutely sure to separate the 4 bolts that attach the fan from the rest of the bolts in this job.   If you mistakenly use one of the longer bolts from the shroud, it will catch the windings and damage the stator beyond all use.  This will also void the warranty.

Remove stator assembly.
Remove the trigger pickup module first.  It’s the black module directly above the stator.

Installing the new Stator

Mount the new Stator
Be sure to mount the new stator in the same position and orientation as the original.

Mount the Trigger Pickup
Route wires under clamp using the picture you took earlier as a reference. Do not clamp the wire leading to the trigger wire pickup. Install trigger wire pickup.

Mount the Flywheel
Position the new flywheel over the stator. Rotate the flywheel until it slides onto the shaft.  The inner magnets should pull it over the stator in the correct position.

Important tip #3! Check that no wires are touching the flywheel. Any wires allowed to touch the flywheel will be frayed and severed within minutes of riding.

Finish assembly
At this point, you’ll just need to continue re-assembly in the reverse of disassembly.


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3 thoughts on “150cc GY6 Stator Installation Guide

  1. Avatar Boss Hogg

    Just a question here. Will this upgrade send more DC voltage to the battery or just produce more AC voltage voltage for the lights? Also, if this stator was used with a larger rectifier from a 250cc buggy would that help to send more DC to the battery??

  2. Avatar Dan

    I have a Lance vintage 150. I bought a new motor for it, the new stator connector looks like the one pictured above with the same color scheme. My old stator connector also has 5 wires but there are 3 yellow and one black and one red. The connector looks like l= . Do you know which wires go to what? Thank you for any help you can give me.

  3. Avatar Kevin

    I just installed an 8 pole stator, new flywheel (old flywheel for 6 pole was too small), cdi, coil and plug. Im getting good vAC from the black/red 83volts, but im not getting any trigger pulse from the blue/white wire until i let off the ignition switch…does it matter the how the stator is put in? (upside down)

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