Crossfire 150R Wiring Diagram

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Crossfire 150R

Ignition Parts

  • Stator (1 winding +Trigger wire)
  • Ignition Coil
  • CDI Box
  • Spark Plug

Charging Parts

  • Stator
  • Regulator/Rectifier


  • Brake Switch
  • Ignition Switch
  • Kill Switch


  • Auto Choke
  • Choke Resistor
  • Starter Relay
  • Tail Light
  • Headlights


  • Engine Wiring Harness
  • Chassis Wiring Harness

15 thoughts on “Crossfire 150R Wiring Diagram

  1. arturo gomez

    was running fine. up a hill could not climb. went off and now can’t make it start again. Everything went off. Rectifier? starter solenoid?

    • Buggy Depot

      Hi Arturo,
      I need a bit more detail in order to help. When you turn the key does your engine turn over, but not start? or does nothing happen at all – no sounds, clicks, etc?

  2. Tom

    What would happen if you didn’t connect the fuse box to the other side on the starter relay because that’s whats up with mine, and could that be the reason its not starting

    • Buggy Depot

      The disconnected fusebox will keep your engine from starting. The harness pulls power from that post on the solenoid to power the starter button, solenoid’s internal relay, etc.

  3. rondsmith50

    I know now that my stator is bad, the reading I get on the stator with the meter set at a/cv the yellow wire on the stator is 7.6 , and the white wire is 0.0. The ignition wires B/R 96.2, blue/ white have . 00.0 and that is while cranking. The next problem I have is my head lights where blown out so I had some h4s 55/60w i put in they work they are to hot, the is starting to melt. Rear lights they are real dim. I put my scooter in the shop because no start this is when everything took place. This is what I see they cut coil wire and ran wires from the cdi to the coil. Now I don’t think my enricher is working. The spark plug color is white when I open the throttle you hear popping and bogging. Let me know what you think thanks.

  4. rondsmith50

    I wanted to mention that my scooter ran real good up until it wouldn’t start. My scooter is 2007 TANK URBAN RACER 150 DE.

  5. Lennie

    I have a wire harness that is for the chassis but the key switch is only 2 wires? They one I had was a three wire is there a better wiring diagram I can look at?

  6. Chris Long

    I have the cross fire 150 no spark….and tail. Light only comes on when turning over and only turn s over when selinoid is juniper

  7. Jesse Deville

    2003 crossfire, running fine then stopped for no apparent reason at 40 mph, since that moment, don’t need clutch to turn engine over, starter begins turning with key ON not Start and engine makes no attempt to run, tried either in breather and it made a few kicks but not start and radio will sometimes come on when key is turned on when it was originally off. So what would cause the engine to die at 40 mph, starter to runaway and radio to come on?

  8. Steven hoss

    I could use some serious help, lol I have ran through your trouble shooting steps to a t, I have no spark. Everything checks out, when I plug coil in my juice dies, so 2 coils later still same issue. I replaced stator, I replaced cdi, I replaced the other square thing that has 4 wires going to it, also replaced starter solenoid. I had spark a come for about 5 min then went away, then it came back, for what I thought was good, then I put plus in engine and it would not start, pulled out still had nice blue flame, tried again still would not start so I thought did I put something in backwards, and I noticed I put stator 180 around, took it off put it back on the way the first one was and no spark one again. Help 4 nonstop days and totally fustrated.

    • Darren

      Steven, I have had the same issues… My biggest issues is that I have replaced everything you mentioned plus the starter and a new wiring harness… I can’t figure out where the “BRAKE SWITCH” is… Any clues anyone?

      • Josh

        The brake switch is on the master cylinder. Two small brass screws. It’s a pressure switch.

  9. steve

    I have a crossfire 150r. Was running just fine then when I shut it off it won’t crank back up. I checked power with test light no juice to front of cart at all. It will start crossing solenoid. Power going to reg/rect but nothing coming back out.

  10. Lee

    I have a come into possession of a Crossfire 150. Whoever had it before me was a monster to the wiring harness and attempted to splice a bunch of stuff into it. I am wanting to go ahead and replace everything electrical on the engine side of things. Is there a complete kit that does this?

  11. mike

    hi there i working on a baja recation 150 the wires are a mess i need help will the gy6 fit this .but the gy6 harness is a little diffdrent can you help. thanks mike

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