GY6 Carburetor Float Level Adjustment Guide

Is your ride bogging out over bumps, or dying when coming to a stop?  Adjusting the float level may fix that.  Our model in these picture is PD30J, however, this information applies to all GY6 carburetors.

1. Flip over your carburetor

The float bowl should be oriented topside.


2. Take note of how float internals are arranged

So you’ll remember how it goes back together.  20161003_154957

3. Use a pointed tool to push out the float pin

With the pin sticking out on one side, you can more easily grab and remove it. 20161003_155123

4. Free and remove the float20161003_155248

5. Make adjustments at the tab

The most common float-related problem is that the float level is set too high from the factory.  This can cause bogging over bumpy terrain and dying out when coming to a stop.

To lower the float level:  Carefully bend the tab downwards slightly.

To raise the float level: Carefully bend the tab upwards slightly.


Important notes!

Important! Be sure to bend the tab only slightly.  Small changes in the tab angle will equal out to big changes in the overall float level once reassembled.  You may have to go through this process a few times to get the optimal level and riding performance.

Important! During adjustments, the float should be oriented the same way as it came out of the carburetor.

3 thoughts on “GY6 Carburetor Float Level Adjustment Guide

  1. Anders

    Thanks for this layout Travis, appreciate it sir. Question. On the spiderbox 150, is there a picture somewhere on here for the layout of the many hoses that need to be connected to the carb? I see the gold barb is for fuel, but I have two other hoses that I am not sure where they go. One is coming from the very back of the motor and has a fairly long hose on it, about .5″ in thickness. The other one is a smaller hose that comes off the plastic body at the bottom, where you actually connect the carburetor to the housing with the hose clamp. Throttle body I am guessing. Thanks for the help.

    • Travis @ Buggy Depot

      Hey Anders,
      Here’s my write-up and diagram that will help with line routing. Anything not listed can be left hanging.

      • Anders

        Thanks Travis. Got it fixed. Runs great. Now I cant shut it off. I ordered a new on off switch from you guys but I must have wires on wrong poles. If I touch wires together it shuts off but not from switch. Which poles do I use and which wire goes on which pole. Thanks man

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