BDX Heavy Duty GY6 Mount for Ruckus Installation Guide

Installing the BDX HEAVY DUTY GY6 mount for Ruckus NPS50 takes about 20 minutes with standard garage tools. For additional assistance, please use the comments section at the bottom of this guide.

Converting your Frame Bushings

Get your drill and bits out – one 7/16″ and one 1/2″ twist drill bits.


Locate your frame bushings and start with the small bit – Go slow!


Start drilling with the 7/16″ bit. The bushing will begin heating up – be careful to keep it as cool as possible.

Once all the way through, use the 1/2″ bit and keep going slow!


When you finish both check the bolt fit.

Run the included 1/2″ frame bolts in and out of the bushing once to make sure they go all the way through.

Screw it up? Don’t worry!

If you got the bushing too hot and separated the inner (or if you drilled off-center), we have replacement inner bushings.  This are even better than the originals, oil impregnated and self-lubricating!


Flip your frame over and install mount

Now flip both your frame and the mount upside down.  Insert the front of the mount into the U-channel in the frame.   Then use the included 1/2″ bolts to install the mount.

This picture is of our earlier mount, but it fits the same.


Your frame and mount should now look like this:


Mount to engine

Don’t try this with the shock installed.  Put the shock on later.  Note how the mount is positioned behind the engine’s left mounting bushing in this picture.


How it should look from the rear:


Tighten it all down and you’re done installing the mount!

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