150cc 3-wire Ignition Switch Pinout (Crossfire 150 and 150R)

A helpful pinout for owners of karts and ATV’s with 3-wire screw terminal switches.

If you don’t have a Crossfire model, the function of each pin is listed below so you can figure out which wire goes where.

If you find this information helpful, consider leaving a comment to help others when you figure yours out, with the name of your make/model and color coding on your vehicle’s switch.

Crossfire 150 and 150R Switch Pin-out

III.Yellow with Green Stripe

Functions of each pin

I.   CDI Pin #4
II.  Ground
III. Starter Relay (Solenoid)

Switch position function

OFF :: I and II open internally, interrupting CDI ground.
ON :: I and II close internally, allowing CDI ground.
START :: I and II remain closed. III and II close, allowing starter solenoid ground.

11 thoughts on “150cc 3-wire Ignition Switch Pinout (Crossfire 150 and 150R)

  1. Scotty Barton

    Where does the White, green and red wires go on the ignition switch? no markings on the switch.

    • Buggy Depot

      You’ll need to use a multimeter and the information in the article above to determine the function of your white, green and red wires. Then once you know, connect according to the switch pinout above.

  2. Scotty Barton

    The switch has three soilder prongs and no marking.

  3. Scotty Barton

    OFF no reading on any of the prongs.
    ON Reading on I and II no reading on II
    Start reading on I and II reading on I and III and reading on II and three so don’t know with is I and II?

    • Buggy Depot

      It sounds like you’re trying to figure out the switch itself, all of that information on the switch pins is in the article above. You only need to check the three wires on your harness to figure out which of your wires match the switch pin functions above.

  4. Scotty Barton

    OFF no reading on all three prongs
    ON reading on two of the prongs.
    START reading between all three of the prong so with is I, II and Three

  5. Scotty Barton

    On the start position all three prongs are closed so does I and III closed also. don’t know which one is I or II? all prongs are closed.

  6. Scotty Barton

    Does that mean the switch is bad?

  7. Scotty Barton


    • Travis @ Buggy Depot

      My intention going through the hassle to provide this information is that you use it as part of your research to troubleshoot your problem. I won’t (and can’t) play the role of free mechanic.

      If you know how to use a meter, use it.

  8. Scotty Barton

    I understand that but all three pins are closed at the start position!! So is one and three close at the start position also!

    so you don’t know what is I or II!!!!

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