BDX 11-pole Stator Plug-n-Play Adapter Installation

This adapter is available in the Buggy Depot Plug-n-Play 11-pole Upgrade Kit. and by itself.  If you have a scooter, you may want to get the scooter extension as well to make life easier during installation.

Disconnect the stator and auto-choke

This adapter bypasses two connections on your engine harness.

  1. Stator connnector.  Disconnect the 4-pin connector from the stator, but leave the two bullets connected.
  2. Auto-choke connector.  Disconnect the 2-pin connector from the auto-choke.

Both of these harness connectors will be left disconnected and hanging.  Our new adapter will take connect directly to the stator, and will power the auto-choke.

Connection Explanation

Number 1 to Stator

The original connector from the harness should be left disconnected.

Numbers 2 and 3 to your new rectifier

Connect to the new rectifier. If you have a 3rd-party rectifier, make sure that the green wires match on the #3 connector.

Number 4 to your old rectifier harness plug

Remove your original rectifier from the harness. You will no longer need (nor be able to use) the original rectifier. Connect #4 into the same harness connector that your OLD rectifier was plugged into on the harness. If the connector tab is different, slide the new connector’s locking tab under the tab of the harness connector.

If the connector’s locking tab is different, slide the new connector’s locking tab under the tab of the other connector.

Number 5 to auto-choke

This is the new auto-choke power wire which will come on while the engine is running.

This connection bypasses and replaces the original auto-choke connection (which is now a constant connection to the battery and may be used for other accessories).

Number 6 to Choke Resistor

The resistor is a ceramic block in the harness.  Leave the resistor ground wire in place, but disconnect the other resistor wire which leads to the original auto-choke plug. Plug the new adapter’s #6 connector into the resistor where the old wire was connected.

Mount the rectifier in a position to receive airflow while the vehicle is in motion.

3 thoughts on “BDX 11-pole Stator Plug-n-Play Adapter Installation

  1. Michael Mader

    Thank you for posting this. It helps tremendously.

  2. Terry Roland

    I git Taiwan Sk250 lron mention. Blazer. 150 cc cdi box and i not getting. Fire. Blue with yellow. Wire the black with red wire. Im geting fire it has 2 coil

  3. Larry Bridwell

    Thank you for this post I have been trying to find out how to wire this up as I got a bike form a someone and it was half ass done and I have been trying to find out how to fix it

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