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So we've got your back when kart models are discontinued and official parts sources dry up.

Twister and Hammerhead Offroad

Our expertise is primarily with the older Hammerhead 150cc models. Although most of the newer year stuff does interchange as well, particularly engine and electricals. Contact us if you have any questions about a model-year not listed here.

Are Hammerhead Go Karts Good?

Hammerhead models are regarded as one of the best quality brand of 150cc machines you can buy. You'll pay more, but generally get more value out of a Hammerhead model if you don't mind the extra up-front investment.

Hammerhead karts are one of the only line up of models to come with the larger 39T axle sprocket from the factory. Others are typically 31T. You'll have better climbing and launch performance compared to other machines, but top speed does take a hit.

Also, Hammerhead karts come with an improved exhaust versus other models. Internal baffling is significantly reduced. It's still not as good as aftermarket straight-through designs. However, it is notably improved.

How fast are the Hammerhead 150

Actual top speed varies slightly by model. Expect to reach 30 to 35mph from the factory. You can swap in a 31T sprocket to pick up a few MPH. But you didn't hear that from us 🤫

Is my Hammerhead buggy ignition AC or DC fired?

Older (pre-2007) Hammerhead models are all AC fired. All newer models are DC fired. Don't listen to bad advice reposted all over the internet, you'll tear your hair out ordering the wrong versions. Use our verification tool to see which version of CDI fits your model. Buy once, buy right.

Are Hammerhead Karts made by Polaris?

Polaris acquired Hammerhead in 2015.

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We source our parts independently, so when a vehicle is discontinued you are protected against the official parts supply chain breaking down even years later.