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Tomberlin Crossfire Go Karts

Tomberlin Crossfire 150cc go kart models are considered one of the best buggies ever produced. Although the company is no longer in business, Crossfire models continue to have aftermarket support and a solid community following.

The Crossfire 150 was the original version, with no front brakes or reverse. It can be identified easily, as it was only available in yellow powdercoat.

The Crossfire 150R model was released afterward, with both those major features added. Many were impressed that Tomberlin accomplished this without raising the retail price of $1750. The Crossfire 150R can also be easily identified, as it was only available in gray powdercoat.

Are the Tomberlin Crossfire 150R and 150 still good karts to buy?

Yes, absolutely. They're not produced anymore. However, if you have an opportunity to pick one up a used one at a good price, go for it. The Crossfire models are a bit heavier than most 150 class buggies. This helps contribute to a much smoother ride, at the cost of some performance.

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