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Kandi Go Karts

Some time ago Kandi buggies were once considered undesireable among riders in the community. This was due in part to their early use of the 2-bolt GY6B engine (a variant of the normal 150cc GY6), which was not well received by riders starting out. Parts were very difficult to find back then, and many people were unfortunately stuck with machines they couldn't affordably fix without fabrication.

That was over a decade ago and a lot has changed since then. Parts availability for GY6B engines has taken strong root, and most parts can now be had through competitive 3rd party suppliers.

Now in 2020 if you're interested in a new buggy, a Kandi would be a great choice to consider. Their frame designs are a staple in the community and priced affordably.

Where can I buy a Kandi Go Kart?

Kandi models are commonly available for sale online, delivered directly to you by truck. There are some physical Kandi dealers, however it's been our experience that the Kandi dealer network isn't as strong as others. This isn't necessarily a problem for most buggy riders, as we're good at solving our own problems and upgrading things at the same time.

Buggy Depot is working on bringing in parts for the newer Kandi 169cc 200 models. If you need something specific, let us know!

Is Kandi still in business?

Yes, Kandi in China is still producing buggies. However, the KandiUSA distributing website has apparently been abandoned. We're not sure what that means, but it appears that buggy and parts sales have been consolidated into the JMOTO brand here in the USA.

How fast are Kandi 150cc and 169cc karts?

Top speed on Kandi models can vary significantly between models. Some karts like the Kandi 150GKM2 Racer are light weight and can reach up to 35mph easily. Others like the heavier 200GKH-2 can sometimes struggle to break 30mph despite the larger 169cc engine, according to community members.

Does my Kandi buggy ignition use an AC or DC CDI?

Kandi is a bit all over the place with CDI compatibility. Not only does their CDI version vary with model, but also between years. We've verified several, but others are a still mystery.

Warning: Don't listen to the "headlight" myth repeated online. Your headlights have nothing to do with your CDI version. Sellers and even riders repeating that bad info online don't know what they're talking about.

The only way to really tell accurately is to check pin #6 with a multimeter. If you need help with this, let us know. We'd like to have the information for our records.

Information provided on this page represents our understanding from watching the sport develop and evolve for the past 15+ years. It's intended to be accurate, but we're really just passing along what we know, as we know it.

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Use of logos and/or trademarks is for comparative purposes only. Buggy Depot has no affiliation with these brands.

We source our parts independently, so when a vehicle is discontinued you are protected against the official parts supply chain breaking down even years later.