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So we've got your back when kart models are discontinued and official parts sources dry up.

Trailmaster Go Karts

Trailmaster is one of the newer brands to come onto the scene. Our understanding is that they started out by purchasing rights to the older Hammerhead frame designs, kicking off the Trailmaster 150 XRX and 150 XRS models.

Trailmaster has since produced the Blazer and Cheetah 150 series, their own modern take on the 150 class with attractive styling and bodywork.

Most recently in 2020, Trailmaster has been the first to innovate in bringing Electronic Fuel Injection to their 169cc XRX 200 and Blazer 200 models. We're excited to see Trailmaster taking the lead on Fuel Injection and are looking forward to seeing how well it does in reliability and performance.

Our expertise in parts is primarily with the older 150 XRX and XRS models. If you have one of the newer Blazer or Cheetah models, be sure to reach out to let us know how you like it!

Is Trailmaster in business?

Yes, they're one of the better brands to work with if considering buying a new kart.

How fast are Trailmaster 150cc and 169cc karts?

Actual top speed varies slightly by model. Expect to reach 30 to 35mph from the factory.

Is my Trailmaster buggy ignition AC or DC fired?

There is a lot of very bad advice about "how to tell AC vs DC" reposted all over the internet. Your CDI version has nothing to do with your headlights for example. Absolutely nothing. People repeating the headlight "tip" have no idea what they're talking about.

The only way to tell is with a multimeter, which is what we've done so you don't have to.

We make it easy. Just select your model here on this page to use our verification tool to buy the exact fit version of CDI for your ASW model. Buy once, and get it right the first time. No bull 💩

Information provided on this page represents our understanding from watching the sport develop and evolve for the past 15+ years. It's intended to be accurate, but we're really just passing along what we know, as we know it.

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Use of logos and/or trademarks is for comparative purposes only. Buggy Depot has no affiliation with these brands.

We source our parts independently, so when a vehicle is discontinued you are protected against the official parts supply chain breaking down even years later.