• Spider box not charging

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 #13124  by tinyxxxviii
 Fri Jan 25, 2019 6:39 pm
I have a yerfdog spiderbox.
The motor starts an runs well, however the lights do not have power an the battery was not charging.

I replaced the six pole stator with a eight pole stator an rectifier from Buggy Depot Order #45820.

Now the battery charges at 14.4, but the red wire that runs the lights an choke is 0v.

At the stator with the engine running everything plugged in,
black to red -2v dc
black to white 19v ac
black to yellow 14.4 dc

When I unplug the the green stator plug with the engine running,
Green to white 9v ac
Green to yellow 6v ac

I'm I missing something?