• Engine won't start after new harness [Clarification on technical help and advice]

  • If you've got some feedback for me but aren't ready to write a review, here's the place to voice your concern or comments. I'll also post explanations of the policies that help our programs function. -T@BD
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If you've got some feedback for me but aren't ready to write a review, here's the place to voice your concern or comments. I'll also post explanations of the policies that help our programs function. -T@BD
 #12504  by mwripke
 Wed Jul 25, 2018 12:50 am
"We deal with warranty situations every day"

I'm sure you do.

"It's not a lack of luck. It's a level of bullheadedness I see often from guys who feel that they know more than the average Joe"

nice way to throw yet another, disrespectful jab.

I don't think I know more than others. I'm just glad that I was able to fix the issue on my own. It stopped me from waiting another month or more to have the adapter, wiring harness, or chassis harness all sent back, and then waiting a week or 2 for diagnostics.

It took 15 days to receive an adapter that could have, and should have been sent priority mail, for a mistake none the likes of mine. Which, on top of all that, was wired incorrectly.

Acknowledgement of frustration is all that was necessary. It's growing pains, I get it. Just taking some responsibility is all I ask.
 #12506  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Wed Jul 25, 2018 2:04 am
mwripke wrote:I'm sure you do. It's a lack of quality control most likely.
Travis @ Buggy Depot wrote:Take a minute to look around. A benefit of inviting public complaints and having everything out in the open, is that you (and everyone else) can get a really good representation of how often problems occur. Everything stays on the record. If harness defects were a reoccurring problem, you'd see reoccurring posts about it. Especially if defects were left unresolved like you're suggesting.
I got 3 quality complaints about A-Arms in January, and I responded with a 4 month overhaul on A-Arm production. Look around the forum, show me 2 more reported harness quality issues this year and we'll talk.
mwripke wrote:I don't think I know more than others.
Look at what you've written...
"Most other people, would not be able to to do as I, and this would have been a recurring issue that more than likely would have been blamed on the customer."

"LUCKILY in my past, I used to work directly with wiring harnesses. Most individuals don't have ANY clue about wiring."

"Again, if I didn't have the experience from my past, the future would have been bleak for me."
I don't know man. Maybe I misread you. It seems that you're comparing yourself to others, and referencing your understanding of wiring as the one thing that's saved you from impossibly horrible service. However, most of those regular Joes that you're comparing against would already be up and riding with a reworked harness, reimbursed shipping, and an account full of credits for some free upgrades.

Mistrust and misuse of the processes I've set up to handle problems will results in delays, frustration, and a dissatisfied review thread here, every time. I can't stress this enough.
mwripke wrote:Yes, and as far as a supplier, I can tell you most certainly, that we are done. nice way to throw yet another disrespectful jab at a PREVIOUS client.
The heart of the issue between you and me since your first order has been that you consistently don't read, don't listen, and don't care how things are normally done. When you contact me with issues, you start out in meltdown mode and need an unsustainable number of hours of my time bringing your expectations back in line with what almost everyone else gets by just reading what's on the page.

You had a defect in the adapter, we needed to handle the defect. Not start out off the rails talking about the damned verification.
 #12508  by CheethaSpeed
 Wed Jul 25, 2018 6:31 am
I really meant “unluckily” to imply a lack of real understanding of electrical systems despite his “experience” based upon his own admission of struggles. Sounds like you just lucked out after hOurs of trail and error. Not the same as knowing what your doing, but you totally implied your genius is the only thing that is dependable and is exclusive to the top 1%ers like yourself. Thus my sarcasm in my prior post. You already had wiring issues, so you got and new harness and worked it out. Good job. But the bitching -Remove all cred of the accomplishment.

My opinion has been stated here before. This hobby isn’t for the needy, greedy, impatient, and uneducated, or un self motivated person. You have to OWN it all, and a large part of this hobby is the ZERO manufacturing support. Your experience isn’t rare, it is very typical of people trying to repair and run these buggies without parent companies. If you don’t expect it, you are the fool.

The gripping about it here only satisfies your tendency to complain about everything which I’m sure is not rare to you either based on the only things I’ve ever seen you post. Every one loves to be a victim. Poor poor mwripke. His buggy broke and he fixed it, but it wasn’t easy. Really dude? Really? Get over yourself already.
 #12521  by CheethaSpeed
 Sat Jul 28, 2018 2:36 am
Critics don’t like being criticized....

mrwinkey is no exception.

For the record I am a customer and a forum member. Also a buggy enthusiast. My opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of buggy depot or anyone affiliated with them. I stand on my own. I don’t need other reviewers to give me an opinion. I am fully capable of forming my own.

He claimed to be an expert on wiring, but only after the so called expert couldn’t figure it out. And so he could act like he knows more than the guy selling them. A real genius doesn’t need Travis to tell them how to do it and they damn sure don’t write bad reviews when they struggle. Other people write about how they succeed. That says more about you than you know mrwhinkey.

Sorry not sorry.

I found your experience largely in your control and you fumbled thru it and got it done. Don’t pretend to be an expert-they don’t struggle with a simple harness swap like you. Quit complaining and pat yourself on the back instead. These buggies should come with the expectations that they are junk that will always need parts that are hard to get because you got a cheap out of business brand time bomb. Any successful and successive riding will not come with out YOU owning every bolt and wire on it and still should surprise you at the end of a good ride. Sure it’s an exaggeration, but not a that far fetched.

Buy a Honda Yamaha Polaris or something that has a part number if you just want to be a parts changer. These buggies require more effort and planning than the average joe wants to deal with. Travis supports as much as he can, no one else does anything but sell parts cheap with no way to say if it works or not. Yes ebay. That’s why you came here. Ebay would not tell you a hint if it fit your machine or not. Travis did his part and way more than any other vendor including communication and your a 1 Star punk driving on your delivered installed and working parts. You have no credibility as a reviewer to me and I’m sure many many others. Instead of enjoying your victory you want to talk about a few hours you spent figuring it out. You come off as a generally unhappy person with a short fuse that struggles adapting to difficult or uncomfortable situations with a tendency to lash out in anger.

But I’d keep the business advice to yourself. You don’t come off as an expert there either. What business do you own and operate again? Oh, that’s right....

Anyone reading this review should know that Travis and buggy depot is exactly the kind of business you want to deal with. Forget mrwinkey. He just has issues. In my experience-Travis personally made things right, and even mr winkey got exactly what he paid for and is riding. He just didn’t like me. I ask you not to hold it against buggy depot and just read it all and judge yourself. Hey tell me if you just think I’m a jerk....I don’t mind, I can still speak civilly. This forum is here for everyone to voice the reality they see before them. Good or bad.

You think ebay or random Amazonian vendors will give you more than an RMA to start weeks of waiting for your money back?
 #12561  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:14 pm
Yeah, don't let it get to ya Mike. I used to deal with all of this in private, I'm glad it's out in the open now.

A lot of the drama stems from a specific type of personality that I believe has trouble being a newbie at anything. So a small but very loud mouthed minority of guys demand help from me, while simultaneously resisting that help - making things very difficult. It's just emotional weakness. I start out saying things in delicate first when a guy isn't getting it, but my patience for that is wearing very thin after all the years of 2am and 3am coddling sessions. The definition of "support" guys like this expect borders on insane, and is outright abusive. With some it gets downright evil from my perspective. And I put up with it for a lot of years for the sake of not offending a disproportionately large ego and getting a negative review despite 20-star service and attention. Putting ALL of this on the public record takes most of that leverage away from the abusive crowd.

I'm painting a broad brush though, some of this doesn't apply directly to Mitch. But at this point, I'm fine lumping anyone who acts like this into that category, closing the door, and never looking back. Y'all characters can support each other with all the damned thorns and barbed wire you wrap yourselves in.

Like any other business, putting up with ugly attitudes is just part of the job. I'm doing something unusual by pushing these situations into the public eye. It has benefits, and its drawbacks. In the end, I think it's the right thing to do.

For me the one most important benefit is that I'm not taking any of this drama home, or just "eating crap" as an unavoidable part of being in business. If a person is bringing drama, they can take that back with them that very same day. I don't feel like Mitch is coming out of this feeling like he's won anything. And I think that's the most appropriate outcome.

I guess I could just ignore disagreeable situations like other places, but I'm not at that point yet.
 #12563  by CheethaSpeed
 Mon Jul 30, 2018 3:57 pm
No safe spaces needed for me. (y)

As an Alfa male, I’m just offending society by existing. In reality I’m exactly what God made me. Not what I made up. You can’t reason with the unreasonable. Beta males are easy to spot. They run when challenged. Mrwinky that’s you.

We would have patted you on the back and considered a battle hardend buggy enthusiast, but no way that fits now. Soyboy seems more appropriate that has nothing to contribute other than entertainment value. So I hope the readers are entertained. Lol.
 #12564  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:52 pm
CheethaSpeed wrote:
Mon Jul 30, 2018 3:57 pm
As an Alfa male, I’m just offending society by existing. In reality I’m exactly what God made me. Not what I made up. You can’t reason with the unreasonable. Beta males are easy to spot. They run when challenged. Mrwinky that’s you.
Mitch is saying that I should intervene with comments like this. If Mitch or anyone wants to, I think the topic of when to squash member arguments would be a good conversation to have in the Debate Club. That's why it exists. This is a community, put in some back sweat and let's iron these issues out. If you want to benefit from what we're doing here, contribute to the effort and let's continue to establish and follow the rules.

However, I'm not willing to have a separate set of rules where it's ok for people to call me every name in the book in "reviews" without me censoring it, but then that same group wants to be shielded from people saying mean things they don't like. Whatever we land on, it's going to apply both ways and across the board for everyone.

My current thinking is that unless there are threats involved, or very inappropriate language, or outright abusive behavior - it's my opinion that people need to work out their own personal differences and reach a mutual understanding. Each person is responsible for their own words and how they carry themselves here.

And I've been called a lot worse. I'm not asking for anyone to intervene with situations like Jimmy Don Drake (Click here to see that train wreck). I just want it to be on record. Those who agree with my position can keep doing business with me. Those who agree with guys like Jimmy or Mitch can find a different place that better matches their set of expectations.
CheethaSpeed wrote:We would have patted you on the back and considered a battle hardend buggy enthusiast
This is a solid point. My most dedicated customers are almost always guys that I had conflict with at first. Running into big problems on an order is usually the first chance I get to really talk to someone. Once I get that chance to explain what we offer and how we offer it, most people "get it" and appreciate the attention to detail in the way I've set things up. But some people want it their way and that's just a not going to work.
 #12565  by CheethaSpeed
 Mon Jul 30, 2018 6:39 pm
Ha-I never said I was a gladiator. I’m not quite that brutal. I’m more the comedic instigator. Maybe I come off that way. Call me a jerk- tell me why you think so. Men don’t hold grudges. We can fight like hell today and be friends tomorrow. JUST PUT DOWN THAT BIG ROCK FIRST.

No one should take a message board to seriously. Except Travis....