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November 2019 Forum Retirement
Due to lack of extra personal time (and too much spam), I'm retiring the forum and setting it to a read-only state. No new registrations or posts will be accepted as of 11/09/19. However, all information will stay up and searchable. If you spend a few minutes searching, you'll find the answers you're looking for. We may re-open the forum next spring.
 #9717  by Utah150cc
 Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:50 pm
Just joined the Forum the other day. I posted a thread elsewhere asking a technical question, but haven't taken the time to introduce myself.
I live in Vernal, Utah which is in the northeastern section of the state (by Dinasaurland). There is some killer and some extremely technical riding around here. One day we can go about 5 minutes from town to do some good desert style riding. The next day we go 3000 feet up and ride on some the most beautiful alpine trails you will find anywhere.
I own 3 Kasea 150cc Buggies (two 04 models and one 05 model). Two of which we currently ride and one was given to me as a parts buggy (I plan to take the best of it and one of my other buggies, paint it up and restore to like new condition). Right now we have a Uni Filter Kit on one Buggy and 11 gram Sliders with a red Main Spring and 155cc Big Bore Kits in both of the running Buggies.
Buggies are a hobby that is enjoyed by the whole family. They are fun while being the safest form of recreational vehicles there are and they are extremely inexpensive on gas and to maintain due to inexpensive parts.
I expect to learn alot from the Buggy Depot Forum and Technical Section throughout the years. I always like to read about what other people are doing with their buggies.
 #9721  by PGH
 Fri Sep 07, 2012 7:00 pm
Welcome. Over Veteran's Day weekend in November, there will be a group of us south of you at the Valley of Fire in NV. PM me if you want details.