• GROUP BUY... Yerf Dog Steering Rack +8 Teeth Machining Service - Once per year!

  • New updates to our store, forum, and products are posted here -T@BD
New updates to our store, forum, and products are posted here -T@BD
 #13102  by TravisXBD
 Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:27 am
It's been a rough Winter over here, but I'm finally ready to get this rolling now. We're up to something like 15 people right now :shock: Let's get a roll call and start coordinating a payment date. I'll follow up with each of you by email today so we don't miss anyone. Ready to knock out some teeth. :mrgreen:
 #13122  by TravisXBD
 Thu Jan 24, 2019 7:49 am
Alright guys, let's get going. Once all payments are received, I'd like to start getting racks sent in. I was originally going to make an all-new set of fixtures over the span of 2 weeks, but I'm going to go ahead with the old brutally slow process for now. We'll revisit the new fixtures on the next run.

Here's the link to buy

Let me know if you have any questions before or after. (y)
 #13123  by TravisXBD
 Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:00 pm
UPDATE 1/25/2019

  1. Justin B
  2. Justin M
  3. Billy K
Currently waiting:
  • Jason S
  • Ted B (x2)
  • Michael B
  • Dave M
  • Justin R
  • Greg U
HERE'S THE LINK TO BUY I made the service count towards volume discounts this time. So if you're interested in other upgrades from BD, you can order it all together now to get deeper discounts.

Once I get payment from everyone, I'll send out emails with instructions for sending in. In the mean time, I'm following up today individually with the rest of the list.

Machining these will be a few days of 16 hour hell, so I'm looking to get it over with as quickly as possible and your completed racks back in your hands. Let's do this thing! (y)

Thanks guys!

ALSO, if you're not on the list above you may still participate. Be sure to contact me before ordering.
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