• GY6 Crossfire 150cc carburator intake obstructed by crossmember.

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 #13105  by Stevcam
 Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:41 am
I am not familiar with the Tomberlin Crossfire at all, it was a machine I received basically in a box and frame. I reassembled the engine, repaired wiring and assorted linking items. My problem is the carb intake is obstructed by the frame crossmember so I am unable to install high flow uni air filter. Have I got the wrong carb or am I missing something? I can send pics to anyone who might be able to assist me.
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 #13112  by Gunsanddaisys
 Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:42 pm
That's not a new problem. Everyone who uprades the orginal air intake to a uni filter has to add an extension tube between the carb throat and filter. You can look up gy6 redneck intakes for examples of fabricated ones for sale and other's homebrew ones. I think Travis may actually sell them on the website under performance upgrades as well.

My solution was to take an aluminized steel exhaust step down tube from autozone that matched both the carb diameter and the filter inner diameter. To adapt the tube to the carb, I got a radiator hose adapter from any autoparts store that has the right size and hose clamped it. I eventually ended up welding a nipple into the pipe to provide a crankcase vent tube input and painted the whole thing black. Works beautifully to make room for the filter and "should" aid in a more laminar flow through the carb rather than the filter by itself.