• High Stall Automatic Clutch Assembly

 #12735  by TexasMech
 Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:32 am
Back in December of 2014, I got the high stall clutch assembly, since I burned up the stock clutch in a nasty mud pit. I got some lighter variator rollers and a 1500 rpm clutch spring before this and they worked fairly decent until I bought some 22x12x8 Kenda Bear Claws for the rear, I just couldn’t get the larger diameter tires to spin in thick mud.
After a simple installation (drop and swap) I broke the clutch in a with a 2 hour ride in some wooded trails at lower speed through trees, stopping and starting while keeping an easy foot on the throttle.
I was already impressed after about half an hour, the clutch felt strong and smooth. So I went back to the mud pit that I got stuck in. It had gotten more water in it and I could not walk through it at all. My Talon rode easily through the shallower stuff and as I got in the deep mud, I put the pedal down. The clutch engaged really strong with heavy throttle and spun the tires just enough to evacuate the mud out of the tread and I went right through it all.
I REALLY put t to the test the next weekend, as I cut a new trail through a few hundred acres of low mesquite trees and saplings, pushing over little trees up to 2 inches thick and 8 foot tall while plowing my new trail. We got lost about half an hour in and it took two hours to find our way out, at less than 2 mph in very thick brush. I was scared that I was going to overheat the clutch or burn up a belt, but low and behold, everything was fine. It didn’t take much throttle to go over the trees and brush, so the engine and CVT didn’t get too hot as long as I kept going back and cleaning the air intakes off of the engine fan and the cvt inlet every 10 minutes or so (lots of tall grass buildup)
Overall I’m thoroughly impressed with this product, it’s very much worth the money coupled with other transmission upgrades and still drives good.
I’ve had this installed for over 3 years now with heavy use and no issues.
Highly recommended buy