• Sealed Axle Bearings

 #12734  by TexasMech
 Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:11 am
I bought two sets of the sealed axle bearings awhile back and installed one set last year when the old ones started to have some play. They work decent, as advertised for sure. I take my kart through A LOT of mud and water, so I was a little wary about running these, but I didn’t want to spray any wd40 or similar in there and mess the bearings up by washing out the grease inside. so I would occasionally pop the bearing housing cover off and put some grease on the outside bearing covers, just as a precaution.
Just last week, I went through a bunch of thick mud, washed the kart off, and didn’t think about bearings as I had put some grease on them just 5 rides prior. Well I guess some water got in the housing and stayed there because I went to ride it with my wife and kid on Monday and we had to turn around and go home. It started squeaking a bit and by the one I turned around it was screaming. I got back home and pooped the covers off, the bearings were locked up completely, the inner race was spinning on the axle shaft and may have damaged it a bit, not sure until I try to put the new bearings on tonight. I have a spare axle that I bought when I got the kart, but I would really rather not use it. I looked last night to see if I can order the standard bearings and it seems BD has dropped them from the site.... I guess I will have to buy them elsewhere, as I know the sealed bearings are not right for my very wet application, but I just wanted to let anyone else know the possibility of damage if you operate in a wet environment like I do.
Is there any way I can get standard bearings through you guys anymore or am I stuck with the sealed ones? I really hope I don’t have to use my spare axle, but I’m afraid it may be the case