• Ordered parts, haven't shipped, no response [RESOLVED]

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Didn't have a good experience? Let us and others know how we can improve! · 2-Stars
 #10623  by gidaeon
 Fri May 01, 2015 8:36 pm
I ordered parts late evening 4/26 so I could possibly have for weekend as the website says "In-stock orders ship within 24 hours." or ships next business day etc., which is part of why I choose BD since parts were listed as in stock. I got concerned after a few days that tracking still doesn't indicate shipped. So I email to inquire - no response. I call multiple times during the day - no response on customer service or even if I try to order a new parts. 3 days after ordering and can't reach anyone morning, lunch or late afternoon.

Frustrating. Don't claim shipping the on same or next business day if its going to be a 6 days. I see other problems with slow service in the past and should have researched first.
 #10624  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Wed May 13, 2015 9:50 am
Thank you for your order and feedback. You ordered on the 29th of April, and the order was shipped in 3 days (May 2, 2015). Due to being 1-day over policy, we've added a $15 store credit to your account. This credit is usable through our online store with no minimum order amount or restrictions.

Prior Feedback
Our last negative feedback on the forum was over 6 months and 3000 orders ago. Keep in mind that our feedback forum has been open for about 10 years, so reports have been accumulated over a large amount of time. To date, there are only 17 counts of negative feedback posted out of 23,000 orders so far. That's about 1 out of every 1300 or 99.992%.

Shipping Times
Our product pages state that items should ship within 24 hours, because our orders usually do ship the same day. Our Shipping Policy further explains that our target time frame is within 2 business days, and that shipping may take longer depending on circumstances - in this case high order volume.