• why cant i get a refund for item never sent to me! [RESOLVED]

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Misunderstandings happen. This section is for issues that have been resolved, but not re-rated.
 #13007  by ohiozj
 Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:24 pm
so i have been getting the run around for 4 months about an order i placed and never got the item. here we go again - hopefully someone sees this and can finally get me my money back.

Buggy depot Order #43829
Placed on 8/13/18 - total of 5 items.
1 Hammerhead exhaust kit $275
1 Stage 1 engine upgrade $69
Includes Upgraded CDI box, coil, and intake
1 Oil filter $10
1 Shifter handle boot cover $8
1 Inline clear fuel filter $2

Sorry if this is too long winded for some, but emails and phone calls are going unanswered and I don't know where else to go.

This is my story of my experience with Buggy Depot. As of this day 12/03/2018 there still has been no communication from BD. I have decided to post this hoping it will get resolved, or the management will finally contact me, or I will get my refund, or something......!

On 8/13/2018 I placed an order with BD. Following is a brief timeline of the communications that came after the order:

8/14 – I received an email from Ashley (customer service) saying the upgraded CDI box as part of the Stage 1 package I ordered was not in stock, would I mind if they sent a standard one and then the upgraded one would be sent to me when they came back in stock?
Response – I said yes that is fine to send me a stock CDI until the upgraded one comes in.
Result – As of 12/03/2018 I still have not received this upgraded part.

8/23 – After getting all the other items I ordered except the exhaust I get an email from Ashley again asking if I was interested in getting the new BDX exhaust kit in place of the Hammerhead since it was still on backorder apparently. Since it was a much cheaper price, I said sure at first, until she told me I couldn’t get the difference back as a refund. I would only get a store credit! At that point I said no thanks please just cancel the exhaust order all together since it has not been sent, and refund me that part amount ($275). She said ok and would let me know when they could do that.

Several weeks pass, multiple emails back and forth checking on the status of my refund end up with no results.

By now we are well into October, I call back yet again, asking about the status of my refund, and find out Ashley no longer works there. I talk to a new person, Nancy maybe, and explain her the situation, she says they should be able to get it taken care of.

Several weeks go by and still crickets............

Now its 12/03/2018 and I still have not received my refund, a call back, or an email saying the refund is on the way or not. I am very upset with this company and would like some kind of explanation why I cant get my money back for an item that was never shipped to me.