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Wrong parts rec'd, other parts not rec'd at all

PostPosted:Thu Oct 25, 2018 2:42 pm
by Bondage
In August, my son decided to introduce his go kart to a tree., so I placed order No 43935 on 8/18/18 for 2 x Heim joints, 2 x ball joints 12mm-12mm, and 1 x lower control arm, all for Baja DN150. To date, (more than 2 months later) still no sign of the Heim joints. The lower arm that I was sent was threaded to fit 14mm ball joints, not 12MM. The 14mm ball joint sent by Buggy Depot has a taper which does not fit into my wheel hub.
I have e-mailed on 10/4/18, again on 10/8/18, again on 10/17/18, some of these including pictures showing the problems, but have not recieved a reply to any of them. I included my phone number, but have not rec'd a call. Of course, now you cannot call Buggy Depot.
Long story short, I paid in full on 8/18/18, and have recieved no usable parts, despite all the parts being 'verified fit', and have no way of speaking directly with Buggy Depot :evil: