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  • Unfortunately, upset reviews aren't always very accurate. This section is for hashing out certain complaints in a place where both sides can be heard. Although I personally disagree with these, I won't delete or censor them. You are the judge here. -T@BD
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Unfortunately, upset reviews aren't always very accurate. This section is for hashing out certain complaints in a place where both sides can be heard. Although I personally disagree with these, I won't delete or censor them. You are the judge here. -T@BD
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 #12751  by Aggregate Reviews
 Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:55 pm
Well I can't log in to leave a negative review on your website hmm that really shows your honesty but there's other recourse . The BBB Google reviews and other online reviews . I sent You a picture of what you sent it shows 3 pins not the 2 pins that your shop is advertizing online and the 2 pin is what I paid for and even tho you say it fits does not matter at this point you guys sent the wrong part and now your back tracking . Just letting you know everywhere I can post a gonest negative review im doing it now as we speak so keep my $12 .

If your looking for a honest shopping experience don't shop here . They sent me a switch that didn't match their description I ordered a 2 pin they sent me a 3 pin and tell me it's a verified fit . I sent them pictures showing it's not a match . They ask me if I still have the packaging it came in if I did I can take it back to the post office and don't accepted it we are talking over 10 days later . I didnt have the package so then the guy goes into this well when i buy say like a air compressue i save the the packaging . Hes making it sound like I messed up but in fact they didn't send the write item . I should of read the reviews before ordering because there's a lot of negative reviews . Not a place I would shop at again and would not recommend to anyone .

 #12752  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Tue Aug 28, 2018 4:23 pm
Aggregate Reviews wrote:Well I can't log in to leave a negative review on your website hmm that really shows your honesty
You aren't able to log in because you haven't registered on the forum. I always re-post reviews here. I've posted your review here for you. Honesty and transparency is the exact reason I do this.

I just have a couple points:

1. Personal responsibility
- You couldn't figure out how to log in, so you assume the worst: that I'm trying to prevent you from posting a review.

- You couldn't figure out how to connect the switch, so you assume the worst: that it's incompatible and that we're dishonest.

Both assumptions are untrue.

2. A little benefit of the doubt goes a long way
Guys, if you doubt what I'm telling you, just push through it and have a little patience. If I'm telling you that the switch is the correct replacement for the old style, ask me how to properly install the thing. Don't accuse me of lying and turn it into a mess.

And I'll sneak in a third point... Why would I mislead you with bad advice over $12?
You can see how many years (and money) I've invested into building up accurate technical information on these buggies, right?
 #12754  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:27 pm
Jack responded via email:
I could of bought that 3 pin switch somewhere else but I found your website and bought the one that looks like the one I replaced that was bad so I bought yours thinking it was close to the original.
You can get a toggle switch anywhere, but I believe you bought from me because I've gone through the trouble to verify that it fits your Carter Talon 150. Even with that extra value, my switch is priced less than an equivalent switch on eBay. I'm confident that you can't point to someone else who cares enough to individually verify these parts for these discontinued machines.

You can make the argument that I should update the picture. That's true, but if a correction doesn't affect function, it has to happen as I can get to it (or as it becomes a problem). This is the first time anyone has brought it up as a problem.
As far as honesty you asked yesterday what my order number was so I gave it to you and you said you would call me back in a few minutes and you didn't.
Today is the first time I've interacted with you.
Bu that's ok i see by other posts your rude and disrespectful.
This is a voluntary uncensored reviews section in which people say all sorts of inappropriate (and sometimes downright disgusting) things. I generally only get as rude as the person I'm talking to.

Back on your main points... I can walk out to your machine and have the switch properly installed and working in 3 minutes. I can also demonstrate that the registration issues were on your end. However, you can't reasonably demonstrate that I'm dishonest. I get that it's your opinion, but there are two perspectives here. My entire history is documented here in this reviews section. The negatives (and my responses) can ultimately be read and judged by each reader.
 #12755  by says56
 Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:53 pm
My kart is running I already told you i replaced with the right switch and I also told you I could of bought a 3 pin switch just about anywhere but I found your website that shows a 2 pin switch and even says in the description it's a 2 pin and I'm trying to keep my Carter talon as original as possible and original is a 2 pin . But you can call me any thing you want to it don't matter to me but at least im honest but may be pc illiterate and maybe this is the first time we have communicated but yesterday some one in your business told me they would call me back in a few one was a male and the other was Ashley . Also someone wanted me to take the package back to the post office and refuse delivery and that's after 10 days from when it was delivered . Anyway like I said I would not recommend buggy depot to anyone . Read the reviews the negative reviews are out there and it's not hard to tell why .
 #12756  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Tue Aug 28, 2018 11:35 pm
I disagree with you on your main points. But I appreciate that you're not using abusive language, and you actually took the time to work through the registration issues and talk with me here. I think I may have been out of line. I asked Ashley afterwards how your tone was on the phone, and she said that you were respectful and patient. I think I understand better where you're coming from, and I've edited my last response to reflect that. I admit that I may have been projecting from previous experiences with Jimmy Drake and Ricardo Puentes.

I think what we're dealing with is a difference in perspectives, and a difference of platforms. Carter Talon buggies are long discontinued and on the road to being forgotten. When I'm sourcing parts, I'm not really concerned about the color. And I believe most people agree with me, as you're the first person to say anything about the switch being green. Also, 3-pin toggle switches are functionally identical to 2-pin switches when used as a kill switch. It's a non-issue in every way I can think of that matters. I understand that "not exactly as pictured" is a big issue on eBay as a measure against actual scammers. And I agree that I should change the picture to avoid confusion, but I disagree that it has been a problem for anyone before now. Peoples' priorities in this niche center around "does it fit" and "is it better quality than the original" and "will it continue to be available". If I have to source a green switch instead of a red one in order to achieve all of that, that's what I'll do. If a site correction doesn't affect function, it has to happen as I can get to it (or as it becomes a problem). Again, this is the first time anyone has brought it up as a problem.

This is something that is covered in our Terms and Conditions. I specifically don't guarantee that the site will be updated to reflect (minor) changes like this. Frankly, it's impossible to keep up with every detail, and unless it's a change that materially affects the function of the part, updating the picture isn't a high priority. I'm Ok with the red switch picture unless it starts to cause actual problems for people. It could have been a completely blank white image, and my argument would be the same. I'm guaranteeing fit and function, but nothing else that isn't explicitly stated in the listing or warranty section.

Something I missed in my last post was about the suggestion from one of my people that you try to "return to sender" the already opened package. I've spoken to the person who suggested that. He didn't have any business on the call and isn't familiar with our return process. The issue should have been forwarded to me at that point. Sorry, I'm sure that interaction wasn't very confidence inspiring.

On the reviews, keep in mind that this is a completely voluntary and uncensored reviews section. A dishonest person wouldn't keep an open record of every positive and negative review on his own site. I've also gone out of my way to make sure these reviews (including negative) are posted and seen on my homepage presentation.

Also, we're talking about a dozen negative experiences over 44k transactions. If this were eBay, that would be a rating of 99.97% positive.

Regardless of the numbers, I'm sure you'll agree that a dishonest organization (or owner) just wouldn't promote any negative reviews, especially on the homepage. In my mind, a dishonest owner would outright avoid acknowledging any negatives and would pretend they don't exist. I'm open and fully transparent about our negatives although I have no obligation to do so. Those problems could stay on the BBB or Google, but I've brought each of them here voluntarily. I just don't see this being perceived as a practice of a dishonest supplier.
 #12757  by says56
 Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:02 am
Yeah I guess I'm being a little harsh about the honesty thing . I think it's just the lack of communication. If the item wouldn't of said 2 pin and picture wasn't a 2 pin I probably would of asked before purchasing . Like I said I'm trying to keep my 2005 Carter talon FX 150cc as original as possible . Also as far the no call back from Ashley I understood she was pretty busy but the other person who went off on me about the packaging and taking it back to the post office that was uncalled for . Also I'm not sure why you have that request for rma number because no one ever contacted me and i waited for a week or so before I called . Anyway I hope you all have a great day .
 #12758  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Wed Aug 29, 2018 4:12 pm
I've updated the switch picture on the listing. Also, I've refunded you the price of the strap, and I've sent you a store credit of $20 for the hassle and our clumsy handling of situation. I'm hoping you'll use it to give us another shot. Let me know if there's anything I've missed.