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  • Unfortunately, upset reviews aren't always very accurate. This section is for hashing out certain complaints in a place where both sides can be heard. Although I personally disagree with these, I won't delete or censor them. You are the judge here. -T@BD
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Unfortunately, upset reviews aren't always very accurate. This section is for hashing out certain complaints in a place where both sides can be heard. Although I personally disagree with these, I won't delete or censor them. You are the judge here. -T@BD
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 #12383  by Aggregate Reviews
 Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:42 am
Review By: Jimmy Drake - Submitted: 06/19/2018

I originally liked the verified fit ,though it turned out to be questionable when I purchased a transmission belt and it is not the one the manufacture calls for or any other distributor,also I didn't get a gasket with my delivery and it took me over a week or two to get them to send it and they didn't even apologize ,and last thing is I ordered 4 ball joint 2 of which a defective they are so bad they won't even tighten up,I've emailed them and they won't get back to me so I'm ordering 2 from another distributor and hopefully they'll have better quality parts.
 #12384  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:44 am
We've been exchanging emails that aren't getting anywhere near reaching resolution - it's an angry vent session with no clear end in sight. I've encouraged Jimmy to air his (ongoing) grievances publicly so we can work through it with more eyes on the situation, but he's refused to do so. So I'm doing that for him.

Jim's review above is unpublished, so I could ignore it without consequence. But I'm not going to do that. Jimmy, we've had enough back-and-forth privately. If you believe the things you're saying to me privately, you shouldn't be bashful about saying them here in front of the rest of my customers. If you want to keep going, it's going to be in public. Choose your platform - BBB, YouTube, this reviews section, the moon - anywhere. We'll work it out.

Jimmy's Belt Claim
1. Jimmy has a Dune 150 with the 150cc HOWHIT engine.

2. He correctly bought a 743-20-30 belt through our verified fit program.

3. Jim received the belt. Apparently tried to install it but couldn't figure out how to get it on, and assumed the the belt was incorrect.
He's convinced that the verification is wrong, and that his shortcase HOWHIT engine takes a 835 scooter belt. :|

He sent me this picture. He's thinking that he's showing that the 743 belt is too short, but what you see in the picture is exactly where the correct belt should reach:


Anyone who's replaced a belt on a GY6 before will instantly recognize his mistake. You have to remove the variator cooling plate before installing the belt. After I told him this, Jim argued that I'm a "dumbass" and that the rear clutch can be spread open enough to force the belt over the front pulley. Citing his years of mechanic work on big trucks as the reason why he knows better than to trust anything I'm telling him. He finished that email with "If you want I will teach your ass something, you little punk."

That's a lot of posturing, but the idea that you can install the belt that way is a common newbie mistake. I've seen it attempted a bunch of times before, and never works out. If you force the belt over the pulley, you will damage it while you're fighting with it. And you'll have problems with roller weights turning sideways in the variator during the struggle. The end result is that the machine will move normally in reverse, but won't go more than 5mph in forward gear. The belt will last 20 minutes if you try to ride it like that, and you'll be back here accusing me of selling you a defective belt.

Know-it-all mechanics are nothing new (Rule #7). I run into Jimmys frequently, but not all are this level of stubborn. These guys often end up selling their machines still broken. The next guy who knows nothing about turning a wrench will listen to advice from the community and actually get it running.

In the end, what does it cost you to listen and do it the correct (easy) way? Obviously I've installed a few hundred belts over the last 15 years, and you're definitely not the first guy around here with a Dune 150. You're arguing with me over this, but it's your machine that is down for weeks without the belt installed, and it's you reaching out to me for help. :roll:

Jimmy's Defective Ball Joint Claim

4. After arguing through the belt issue, my rep showed me pictures from Jim showing two joints he got from us that were defective from the factory. Threads were damaged/missing in an area on both.

Here's the defect:


5. Jimmy was right about the ball joint threads and I asked shipping to send a new replacements. I explained that the ball joint issue would have been seen and resolved the first day if there wasn't so much focus on the belt and drama surrounding it.

6. Received "kiss my ass" and "the customer is always right" as the bottom line to his next email.

7. In response to #6 above, I canceled the shipment of replacement joints, and decided to issue a refund instead. At this point I'd been called "dumb ass", "dumb fuck", and told to kiss this guy's ass.

I decided to refund 50% of the price of the joints, and I kept the other 50% as a "Bad Attitude and Personal Attack" fee.
Regardless of who you are, you're responsible for your words. Being angry doesn't give you a license to be abusive.

Jimmy's claim about missing gaskets...
The conversation got bogged down to the point that we haven't even talked about the gaskets yet. I believe he has them now. If not, I'll be glad to send them on and we part ways going forward.

Summary - Tough guy attitudes earn nothing extra here.
Over a certain amount of volume going out the door, handling warranties and returns is an every day thing. Almost all situations get taken care of quickly and with no problems. Jimmy's situation is just our latest bi-annual example of how NOT to approach an issue here if you want a good resolution. You're not going to get anything from me by acting this way.

To date, Jimmy's called me:

"Dumb fuck"
"Piece of shit"
"Chicken shit"
"Low life"
and wants me to "Kiss his ass"

The last one is what I think this ego battle is revolving around. Kissing ass isn't going to happen. Act reasonable instead. There are plenty of other places that are willing to accommodate any attitude for a dollar. But I'm not one of those sellers.

Weak constitution
Somewhere in the middle of all this, Jimmy threatened to post a second 1-star review with the BBB if I didn't stop "commenting back" in response to all of this.

So Jimmy, you want to send nasty personal attacks on the internet, but you don't have the stomach to hear back? You want me to "go away" and leave you alone? Guys, this is just emotional weakness. Get yourself together Jimmy. Don't be so damned mean-spirited if you just fall apart when met with resistance.


Jimmy, if you have more to say, do it here. Or wherever in public. If you really feel all these ways about me, say your piece here and let the readers decide. But we're not going to keep dancing around these things in private where you feel that there are no eyes on you. Enough of the macho jackassery and cowardly personal attacks.

Just install your belt, man. Look up a guide if you don't want to listen to me.

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 #12386  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:55 pm
and the fact is you sent me the wrong belt
Step out to your Dune, take off the cooling plate and install the belt. It's that easy and we don't have to talk about this again. I'm getting the feeling at this point that you already installed it per my advice and you just don't want to say.

It took me 6 months to develop the verified fit system, and afterward I spent almost as much time entering part fit data into it. What would be my motivation for keeping the wrong belt verified? Are you able to articulate a reason other than repeating "you sent me the wrong belt"?
I questioned you about it so you ignored my other issues the gasket kit and the defective ball joints
I get questioned all of the time. That's the point of all of these sections of the forum:

Buggy Depot Feedback, Comments, and Policy clarification
BDX Debate Club
[Verified Fit Parts Program] "Wrong Part" $20 Bounty
Buggy Depot Service Reviews

You got "ignored" because you have been completely unreasonable to deal with. There are only so many hours in the day, time is limited and I'm not going to put hell raisers in front of decent people.
and called e a newbie and and some other stuff and you have the nerve to call me an unreasonable customer
What "other stuff"? Post a screenshot.

Yes, I called you a newbie (which you are), with a bright florescent shade of green. I help a lot of new people daily without a problem. It's only a small percentage of people who won't listen and won't take advice (while simultaneously asking for advice). I do consider this unreasonable.
fact is your a coward
I'm addressing you publicly in full view and on permanent record. You're hiding in emails and won't show yourself where it matters. This is a section built for cowards, Jimmy. That's why your review is here.

We're in front of my daily visitor traffic. A link to this thread is on the Buggy Depot homepage right now. You have a strong advantage because this audience pays my bills. I have far more to lose with this crowd. Again, who is hiding?
the only thing I would really like is to do is business with you in person you wouldn't be such a smart ass I guarantee.
If we were in person, I'd hold your hand and walk you over to one of the HOWHIT karts sitting 25ft from me right now so I can show you how to install the belt and we'd be done with this.

"I guarantee" - Bring it down a notch. You start taking this thing too far into physical threats, and I'll get your local PD involved. I've got your address and full background, you're not anonymous.
go kart boy tomorrow im gonna tell another competitor that you say hes wrong about the belt that fits this go kart
Yeah, if they are selling you 835 belts for the HOWHIT, they're wrong. Why can't you believe that?

If you haven't figured out already, the Chinese parts market is a mess. There are many GY6 parts suppliers. But there are very few who actually know what they're selling. And only one who built a verification system to deal with that issue. The other guys will happily sell you the wrong thing. Good luck man, you're going to need it.