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November 2019 Forum Retirement
Due to lack of extra personal time (and too much spam), I'm retiring the forum and setting it to a read-only state. No new registrations or posts will be accepted as of 11/09/19. However, all information will stay up and searchable. If you spend a few minutes searching, you'll find the answers you're looking for. We may re-open the forum next spring.
Let's talk about new parts and solutions to common problems you want to see with a BDX logo. -T@BD
 #12435  by Rob.amy
 Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:18 am
Travis @ Buggy Depot wrote:
Thu Jul 19, 2018 1:01 am
NickKnack wrote:I have your right side spindle... Just got my kit today and found I have 2 right side spindles. :cry:
Well that solves that. :|

I'll follow up with shipping in the morning and get this straightened out. During the new spindle redesign in early 2017 I made sure to add LEFT and RIGHT on the top of spindles to help prevent mix-ups. It appeared to solve the problem. I think this is the first time it's happened since then. I'll go over it again with the pick/pack staff. Thanks for letting me know guys.

EDIT: I know exactly what happened. I'm going to fix that problem in the morning.

I need to tally up and issue daily delay credits for recent kit shipments. Rob and Nick you'll get an extra $15 each. Rob, it's 12:50am here now - I've left a note with shipping to see what's up with the tires.

Thanks Travis.
 #12467  by c0nv1ck
 Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:27 pm
Hi everybody. Had the front-end kit for quite a while but just now getting the chance to get everything put together. Needed a little help to make sure I am getting this together correctly. The bottom attachment for the shocks doesn't seem to be coming together well. I attached some pics that should show what I am talking about.
 #12475  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Sat Jul 21, 2018 11:41 am
Here's how it should look from the side when tightened down

The extra washers sent are used as spacers, where you see the red dots in the picture below. Two washers on each side of the shock. Don't forget your washers under the bolt head, and nut on the other side. A total of 8 washers per shock/mount.

Also, note that the taller side the bracket must face the tire. One side is shorter to clear the welds on the A-Arm.


A note on installing the ball joints incorrectly...
I haven't seen anyone with a kit do this yet, but I wanted to cover a couple points on ball joint installation. Don't install the ball joints any other way than shown in this pic below. Over the years I've seen people flip the joints upside down, don't do that. Or install the lower A-Arms under the bottom spindle tabs. The joint loses strength that way, and you lose ground clearance on top of the strength loss. It's just no good. The picture shows the right way to install the joints (and the only way they're guaranteed on strength and longevity).


The shock mounts have a tall side and a short side
The short side goes towards the center of the machine. The tall side goes towards the tire. Using Cheetha's pics to show what right and wrong looks like for mount orientation:


Don't forget the spacer
Be sure to put the steel black spacer where your original shock mounted. This allows the assembly to clamp down firmly when you tighten the bolts. Without this, the old shock mount will crush as you tighten.
Shock Mount2.jpg
Shock Mount.jpg
 #12519  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:58 pm
Great news...

Holy $#*@, we're almost at the 24hr availability mark!
I haven't been announcing kit shipments recently, but we're almost at the point of having a SURPLUS of Front End kit production. In the next week or two we're expecting to have shipping ETA's on new orders within 24 hours! :D

The fixtures are doing great to eliminate most of the potential for human error (consistent quality), but getting the bender was the last piece of the puzzle to a consistent production pace. (y)

I plan to keep producing at a rate of +1 more than we sell per week, until we have 10 on the shelf ready for immediate shipping. At that point we'll keep producing kits at the same rate we sell them, with that 10 in reserve. When/If the count goes down to 3 due to high demand, we'll start back up again at the +1 rate. I'm looking forward to seeing how well this strategy works, and making adjustments if need be.

Loose parts
Sorry for the mix-ups recently guys. We're getting the shipping process nailed down. If anyone feels like they're missing anything, give me a shout.

We're still getting bulkheads from BMI, though we still haven't been able to get a firm count from them on how many are left. In either case, we're steadily working on the fixtures for the BDX bulkheads. I'll keep you guys updated.

Also, Gary:
Fink117 wrote:
Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:53 am
Hey Travis I'm going to be doing another Possibly 2 kits for Spiderbox Front ends later this summer. I have 2 bulkhead cores I can send when I'm aloud to spend money again. One is for my son and the other is for someone that wants one like my black Kart. As for how its holding up. Its friggin amazing. Thank you.
Sounds great. I've been meaning to make a cost analysis/comparison thread for BDX 175cc GY6 versus 420cc predator. Mind if I steal your numbers from page 23?

Re-posting these pics because I love 'em, and because I can!

 #12522  by CheethaSpeed
 Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:20 am
Congratulations! I know it’s take. A lot of hard work and investments to get to this point.

I have also spent time comparing costs of my swap. I will continue to keep mum About my true costs. Finks cost represents the best case and most economical available. Go with genuine comet or name brand Engines and that make you a hands down winner. Plus I really think he is undersized at 1” axle of any type. But I’m an opinionated buthole. No offense fink. So going custom will not produce the same price list twice, but easy to twice his price.
 #12935  by JMill
 Sun Oct 21, 2018 8:43 pm
I know from the forum the steering rack upgrade (extra 8 teeth) is not your favorite thing to do and it says it's unavailable online. What's the chance of getting that going again? I would be willing to buy a new rack from you with it already machined at higher price if you sell that as a kit. I know it sounds like a pain but this thing needs to turn tighter and you seem to be the only one on the planet to do this stuff! Thanks
 #13355  by RYAN WELCH
 Sun Mar 31, 2019 11:14 am
I’m glad I just happen to read into this and found that the shock relocation brackets that were sent, I put in backward. At the time I didn’t see how the other way would fit because of the depths of the welds. I know from welding experience that a thick bead is a good bead. Kinda why I installed them backwards. Will that affect anything that your aware of? Just wondering in case I have to swap them around. I don’t have any suspension issues, and my shocks and a arms move like they should. What’s your recommendation?
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