• If BD were to join forces with another Buggy company, who would be your choice?

  • Have a controversial viewpoint related to the sport? Turn up your BS meter, raise your red flag, and hash out your buggy gripes and pet peeves here! Keep it reasonably civil, and present your case!
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Have a controversial viewpoint related to the sport? Turn up your BS meter, raise your red flag, and hash out your buggy gripes and pet peeves here! Keep it reasonably civil, and present your case!
 #12875  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Mon Oct 08, 2018 3:13 am
BD and others like us are middle-weight suppliers in the market. You have the giants Amazon and eBay on top with their enormous marketing resources. And the individual eBayers and Amazoners under us, undercutting us and driving the market to lowest possible price points. Things are shifting, and it's time to think of new ways of doing business - or risk going out of business.

Collectively, (BD and others) we're the backbone of the sport. We support the ugly parts of buggy ownership that aren't necessarily profitable, but necessary to keep machines running. We take on all the problems the original manufacturers left riders with when they discontinue models. Things that aren't solved with a cheap $5.00 CDI. Low prices have their place, but when you're buying from the hundreds of sellers operating out of their garage, your money is not recirculating back into the sport in the form of R&D, technical help, and other critical aspects of support. If each of us with real overhead and real payrolls in the middle disappear... well. Good luck.

I think it's important for us middle players to start working together in one form or another. I have my views. I'm interested in hearing yours.

Every outfit has its own set of strengths (and weaknesses). Y'all each have experiences dealing with us, as well as other vendors in the market. In your opinion, who do you feel would match BD well and ultimately benefit you and the sport in the end? And I'd like to know why you think so. Second and third choices welcome as well.

You know why you decide to place certain orders from BD. And you know why you choose others at times. In the usual spirit of this forum, I'm interested in hearing your brutally honest opinion.
 #12912  by CheethaSpeed
 Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:06 pm
Interesting question. Who indeed? I reread the post a few times. No hints at a who implied with a unnamed opposition to over come. Friend or foe? The big two I would think fall in the Axis powers of internet retailer dominance (amazbay). Cheapest and hard not to find something between them. Can’t beat them? Join them approach of paying the high fees for the precence Amidst the many defeats the purpose of the conversation. Nothing new here.

Who indeed? What is even the short list? BMI comes to mind first. I know you have at least sourced parts from them in the past. How does that help who? I’m not so sure- other than custom product crossover maybe. I think they are a 5 star place from my experience. There other monster go pow places that specialize in karts I’ve not purchased from because their “exclusive” products are not compliant with the manufacture installation specifications.

My thinking big company would be a manufacturing company like AZUSA. We have discussed hubs at length for my front brakes before-and that is just one piece they make. They make all types of axles, sprockets, and most any typical go kart part. But they don’t support a lot of 150cc stuff. I can see benificia here for all parties.

But what do you want to do my friend? To establish more security and profitability I would think. I dont think the average Joe who wants to try a CDI will ever do anything but buy something from the axis powers because he already has an account he is already logged in and he just has to click once to get it in 3 days. How do you compete with that beast?

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