• What to do about "hit and run" review cowards. My thoughts.

  • Have a controversial viewpoint related to the sport? Turn up your BS meter, raise your red flag, and hash out your buggy gripes and pet peeves here! Keep it reasonably civil, and present your case!
Have a controversial viewpoint related to the sport? Turn up your BS meter, raise your red flag, and hash out your buggy gripes and pet peeves here! Keep it reasonably civil, and present your case!
 #11961  by TravisXBD
 Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:01 pm
If you accuse BD of something in a negative review, but then run away when screenshots tell a different story, you might be a coward.

If you don't know exactly what I'm talking about, here's a good example: 1-Star Review by John Howard [Yerf dog chassis harness]

After John accused my system (me, really) of verifying the wrong harness for his SunL, I posted a screenshot showing that the mistake was actually his. He selected the wrong vehicle while ordering. He told the system he had a Yerf Dog, not a SunL. After that came to light, the guy just disappeared.

It'd be nice if he'd come back and update his review (or delete it if that helps save face) once he realized that the underlying mistake was his. But I don't think that's going to happen. It was a similar situation with Brandon Davis' 1-star review. Despite numerous emails I sent inviting him to openly talk about his issues in front of my daily traffic, the guy just seems to want to be able to crapbomb us from a distance and run away. Without actually getting into the details.

IMO, if you're accusing me (or my people) of scamming and you are taking actions to damage my business, your words and actions are fair game for me to address. I intend to get a fair say with the same audience. People passing by considering doing business with us should have access to statements from both sides so they can consider and form their own view of the situation. However, in some cases responding to them isn't enough.

So what do we do with reviews that misrepresent reality? I feel we need a mechanism in our self-rating to handle fake or revenge reviews.

The most straightforward solution in my mind is to create a new section on the reviews board to put these reviews, that either won't count towards the self-rating, or will get treated as neutral (3-star). By doing this, the review stays public and uncensored. People can read it and make up their own minds.

Defining a fake or revenge review:
1. There is clear evidence that the claims are exaggerated, lies, or based on unreasonable expectations, AND;
2. Person won't acknowledge or address clear screenshot or picture evidence, OR;
3. Person runs away. Hit and run reviews don't help anyone. OR;
4. The main complaint is over not receiving free help or advice.

If a review meets criteria #1 plus either 2 or 3 or 4, I don't intend for it to count towards my self-rating and will send it to the fake review pile.

I'm not looking to tip the rating scale in my favor. The bias would be obvious and would work against buyer confidence. My intention is to make our self-rating match as close to reality as possible, so I'm posting my thoughts here to be transparent about what I intend to do to fix this problem. If we screw up, we screw up - that's what the reviews should reflect.

We're going to make mistakes, that's life and that's business. Reviewing us based on those mistakes is perfectly fine. I respect a person who makes their case, even if I disagree with them. I don't intend to moderate reviews that seem genuine and where there is some minimal amount of cooperation. I'll admit where we're wrong and work with the person towards a solution. Where I feel we need to draw the line is with guys who don't want a reasonable solution. If you're posting a trash review either from a sense of entitlement or for revenge, I feel it deserves to get classified and (dis)counted as such.

I don't want to single out John because it's not just him. We get this BS every single day in calls and emails. When I was a bit younger and without a family to support, I used to spend crazy amounts of time helping people individually with whatever GY6/Buggy problem or project they had going on. Thousands and thousands of hours wasted supporting machines that I'll never ride. I'm done with that. You bought the machine that has your particular problems. It's your responsibility to research and learn enough to maintain your own damned machine. If you buy parts from me, I'll send you the parts as described and advertised. That's it! Everything else offered for free at BD is a courtesy. In the end, free advice is worth exactly how much you paid for it.

For context, keep in mind that we've only received 4x one-star reviews in the entire history of BD since 2005, then we suddenly got a rash of 4x more all in the span of one month in February 2018. I'm making a lot of changes to BD. One of those changes is that I'm no longer willing to coddle and accommodate people that come to the table with unreasonable expectations. There will be more 1-star reviews that will come out, as I piss off more entitled or unreasonable people. Keep your popcorn ready.

In the end, the solution is for me to become more effective at encouraging my normal everyday customers (99.99% of people) to leave reviews for us. The rating will automatically represent us correctly, and crap posters won't get so much weight.

Overall I'm very happy with the reviews section, and I like keeping a complete history of customer feedback. It works well for everyone including myself, because people who identify with Brandon or John and share their viewpoints, are people I don't want to do business with. They're better suited for purchases on eBay and Amazon.