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Re: 1-Star Review from Bobby Stephens (from BBB)

PostPosted:Wed May 09, 2018 10:31 am
by Travis @ Buggy Depot
Thanks Bobby. I appreciate you coming back after considering what I've said - others don't do that which is why the "Cowards" section was born. The lack of followup once the issue is resolved (and there is some cooldown) is one of my biggest peeves with reviews. I appreciate the gesture, and I've added the additional $50 credit to your account just now, 5/9/18.


All I'm really after in these cases is reasonable account of events. I can deal with a person thinking and voicing an opinion that we're crap, based on the real errors on their order. That's fine, it just has to be reasonably accurate. I believe we're there at this point with this situation.

All things considered, if you were to update your star rating of us, what would it be? If you feel we deserve a different rating after everything said and done, I'll move this review to that category with a note that it was originally 1-star. I think that's the last piece of the puzzle with how we're dealing with reviews.

Re: [Updated] 1-Star Review from Bobby Stephens (from BBB)

PostPosted:Wed May 09, 2018 12:19 pm
by Bobby
Your honesty says a lot. I think and feel that people need to be aware of it. When you say that you have done more than most companies would, you're absolutely right and, for that I feel you should be recognized. If I was to re rate buggy depot, I would have a hard time putting it in the correct category. I'll let you decide on the final placement.

Re rating the company is tough at this point. The Honesty and INTEGRITY of the owner (Travis) deserves a 5 star rating. Travis could have told everyone that my measurements and pics were wrong or fake but he didn't. The company made a mistake and he publicly admitted it. Most people would not have done this.
When it comes to fabrications and saving older buggies, Travis is pure genius. The reverse set up that he came up with for my Tomberline Crossfire R is impressive to say the very least. If it wasn't for the kit that he created, I would be stuck with a buggy that would only go forward. Most of us in this hobby can agree, reverse is almost an necessity! Especially when it is our children that are running the karts!

I personally feel that the company itself could improve in a few areas so my rating for the company would be a 4 star rating.
Keeping in mind these are based on my experience and my thoughts, I feel that the company could improve on the following:
1. The company is hard to reach via phone or email. I'm not sure if this is due to technical difficulties or just the lack of response.
2.The company should take care when packaging and sending out merchandise. When it appears that everything was simply thrown in a box and shipped without concern, it makes the consumer weary and/or concerned.
3. The company could improve on quality control. Twice I either received the wrong parts or missing parts.

Though there was frustrations and a lot of back and forth, Buggy Depot took time to correct any issues and time to ensure that the customer (myself) was satisfied.