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Show off your builds and upgrades here!
 #13629  by Mrmonk7663
 Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:27 am
Hey guys. I just joined. I’m Michael from Texas. I’ve owned and modified bikes and atvs, and I build Miatas and MazdaSpeeds 3/6, but kart modding is fairly new to me.

I have been building up an old 3203, equipped with a predator. It’s coming along wel and will be for the wife and kids. Today I picked up a 3206 spiderbox. The frame is in really good shape overall...the swing arm is fair at best. Wiring is hacked to bits.

Overall I’m happy with the foundation for the price I paid.

I will be purchasing 90 percent of parts from Buggy Depot.

I have a few questions though I could not find answers to.

1. Were power figures ever reported for the various engine options Travis has?

2. The 175cc has 2 options...1 appears to be a brand new engine, the other is a rebuild...both are the same price? This kind of confused me.

3. The 184cc...what has been upgraded in the electrical system (if anything)

4. Is there any date that has been tossed around for the EFI?

As I mentioned my wiring harness is cut every where. I don’t want to buy replacement wiring harnesses if they will have to be totally removed when the EFI is available.

5. The chassis...anything I should be reinforcing? I have heard about adding gussets near the front bar as it has detached from a few karts and is a known weak point? What about the rear swing arm mounting points and he swingarm itself? I have read that the swingarm may not be up to the task for the stronger upgraded motor (but I have no personal knowledge on this)

6. Any date for the next steering modification group buy?

7. Any type of Military/Veteran discount? I was Army and CG. This build looks like it will be triple what my 3203 cost haha so I have to ask :)

All that being said, the GY6 platform is very new to me but I like its potential and I like the beefiness of the spiderbox compared to my 3203.

I look forward to learning a lot here and maybe making some friends along the way. Hope I didn’t ask too many questions.