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Show off your builds and upgrades here!
 #13379  by 1kgixerbuggy
 Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:24 pm
Just wanted to share my buggy. It's a 2008 gk-06 with a 2003 GSXR1000 motor swap, power commander, custom cage, welded differential, fox shocks, sparco pedals and steering wheel, 1.5:1 steering quickener, yoshimura titanium header, yosimura muffler, custom front control arms with heims, reinforced spindles, custom paint, beadlined frame, removable doors and more. Its done 90 mph in 4th gear. I haven't found the fortitude to hit 5th yet lol. I finished this build up about a year ago and have really put it through some hell since then. I've broken some things in the gearbox along the way but its surprisingly handled the motor better than I expected. Its eaten the open differential so I welded it solid making it a locked rear and it's been good since and now goes just about anywhere I point it and I've done some pretty nasty hills and holes with it. I also broke one input shaft during a drag race with a turbo maverick (I was smoking him before it broke shifting to third) but i believe that was my fault the way I initially attached the hub which weakened the shaft. I replaced it and just welded the hub directly to the new shaft and everything has held up fine since. I love this thing and have a heart attack everytime I drive it. Let me know what you think.
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