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Show off your builds and upgrades here!
 #13060  by Sxsdog
 Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:54 am
Hi Folks! I've lurking around on the forums sites for the last few months but this is my first post about my spiderbox. I bought it for $100 bucks not running needing a wiring harness and fuel system work. Its a first gen front end from what i have read. First thing i did was get the engine to run using a make shift pit bike harness to check it out. Then it sat for months in my shop till i started my small time atv parts side hustle. Since i start my little business i've ended up with several cheap chinese karts and atvs and other stuff that aren't really worth parting out. So ive kinda pieced together somethings on the yerfdog till i figure everything out to achieve what i want. Does buggy depot make extended length a-arms? Does anybody know what ever happened to the 6in mod that is mentioned in the archives where some guys cut the front box and widened it? I'm looking for a total width on the front of 55in The first thing i want to do is get the front end set up the way i want. I'm looking at a polaris rzr 570 as a width and wheel base guide. Think I'm gonna have to call BD and pick some brains. Also is there a easy way to load pics here from
my phone? (I refuse to ask my 15yr old daughter this even though i know she would know how..it's a dad thing i guess)...Anyways here is what i got so far
25in tires on the rear
Kawasaki lakota front shocks on the rear
Kazuma dingo rear shocks on the front
Hackjob spindles part yerfdog/ some unidentifiable chinese atv
22in tires on the front
Currently is has 16in of ground clearance from the bottom of the center of the buggy to my shop floor.

In the future ...
Front end modification and front end parts.
Polaris 425 magnum engine tranny swap
Highly modified kazuma coyote 150 (i think) rear swing arm ( 43in wide 30mm o.d. axle stock)
 #13222  by Sxsdog
 Tue Feb 26, 2019 10:00 am
This is all pretty much just mocked up. I widened the front end for 25 inch tall tires and they clear completely through all travel. I'm not finished with the rear suspension I have other plans for it this is just so I can roll it around in my shop. I bought some front end parts a guy had for yerfdog project that never got finished and ended up getting scrapped but he kept the front end. I made the whitening straps from some stainless steel leftover we had from work. The front end now has the front Kawasaki Lakota shocks the rear shocks are from some unnamed Chinese ATV I picked up cheap at a flea market
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