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Show off your builds and upgrades here!
 #12710  by TexasMech
 Fri Aug 17, 2018 10:19 am
I bought an ‘89 Yamaha Blaster in 2014 that I quickly grew tired of in the tight, technical, and very muddy trails around the creek area behind my neighborhood. I knew I wanted something with 2 seats and a steering wheel, so when I found a 2004 Carter Talon in great condition for sale/trade on Craigslist in December ‘14, I jumped at the opportunity and traded the Blaster for it straight up. The first two months I bought over $400 worth of parts from Buggy Depot to get it geared for what I needed: Torque and lower gearing. I messed with the clutch springs and variation weights until I found a combo that was just ok for what I needed. There is a steep drainage ditch that I like to climb out of to get back home that I still could barely take at an angle and only by myself. After a lot of research, I bought the BD gearset for the lowest gear reduction available for my case (basically what the yerf dogs get from the factory) coupled with the bigger axle sprocket. Now I could easily climb up that >45 degree hill with up to 2-200 lb adults in the kart at a straight shot, and can spin the 22” diameter, 12” wide bear claw tires in the mud. Over the years I replaced bad electrical parts and tarted fabricating components to lift the kart up more and more, swapped the front shocks for some rear shocks out of a Kawasaki mule. And cut the drive axle guard off of the swing arm for better clearance in the mud. Installed a killer radio system with seperate battery. And added a light bar and PIAA headlights. Overall I’m thoughroughly impressed with this build and it just keeps getting better.
Just recently added another inch on the front and swapped the front wheels with 10” rim and 23” tires, total lift on front is 4” plus tires, ground clearance at the front bumper is 16”, and 11.5” at the bottom of the seat frame. The back has about 8” of lift and ground clearance is 10” to the battery box on the right side for the radio, right if front of the back tire, and 12” across the swing arm frame. I don’t really measure axle or sprocket clearance, mostly because I don’t do rocks, and the sprocket helps me dig in the mud, I don’t have the rear brake caliper installed, I’ve had a problem with the master cylinder since I bought it and haven’t replaced it yet, but I don’t really need it for what I do. The front brakes suffice for what I need. I have plans to weld little plates on the rear brake disk as an axle paddle for nasty mud. But I haven’t had too much of an issue getting stuck yet, even in stuff I can’t walk through. Ive built a snorkel for the transmission and sealed the bottom discharge port, so the trans exhaust air only comes out of the labrynth at the back. I can get into just less than 2 feet of water before I start to float the front and the transmission belt starts to slip. But I usually stick to a foot and a half or less. I do have the old set of front wheels/tires that I can bolt up the the rear wheels as dialysis for floating, but once it floats, you can’t really go anywhere, unless you have a paddle :lol:
 #12813  by TexasMech
 Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:48 pm
Ok guys, I’m already prepared for the nay-sayers here, haha. So I’ll open with:
I have made a cheap dually kit with my old front wheels/tires for the rear. I plan to use them this Sunday at a VERY nasty mud pit, I know with the 23” tires I have up front, I already float pretty well up there, so I needed more flotation on the rear. I just used 1/2” all-thread and bolted through different holes in the actual wheels that are already mounted on the kart. There is about 4” of separation between the rim faces before I sucked the wheels together and they are lined up and have 1/8” rubber gasket material between the rim faces, the tires are pushed together so tight that the wheel/tire combo together support a large majority of the weight, ive already purposely hopped a curb at an angle to see if they would move and they did not. I have no intention of putting a lot of stress on this, just wanna see if I can get some more traction and stay out of the deeper water with this. Hopefully my snorkels are sealed good!
 #12898  by TexasMech
 Wed Oct 10, 2018 8:48 am
Ok so I have a quite late update on my dually tires:
Absolutely FANTASTIC in the mud and water!! I FLOAT in water deeper than a foot! Getting out of the water was a little more difficult as once the front tires touched land, my rears would still be spinning in the water, but all I did was use a short 2x4 I had in the floor to push off the bottom and the rear tires caught ground and I got out easy, I do need to get lighter rollers for this setup, just ordered some 9 grams and a 2k main spring, but it works great in the mud, I never got stuck. I took them off already to go back to trail riding, but they’re so easy to take on/off, I can put them back on at any time
 #13067  by Gunsanddaisys
 Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:34 pm
Never have I seen a "dually" buggy before! That looks fantastic.
Is the front suspension, struts in particular, all stock minus the shocks? I'm curious to know how you achieved a lift in the front if not.