• Best mini buggies or most regarded whats out there

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 #8510  by ozborn4600
 Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:49 am
I've asked a few questions in various forum sections recently. My 7yo daughter has the Punisher 2 buggy, it solved a problem for us because I didn't want her on a bike or a quad yet and see has a hoot riding the thing.
But in the quality stack over there which mini buggies are considered to be better or have the greatest following and where do these Punisher II's fall in the big scheme of things?
Thanks Sean
 #8511  by PGH
 Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:13 pm
Currently buggy companies are having trouble in the US:

Joyner had their distributor purchased by another company that went bankrupt. A new distributor has started, but parts are slow to come and no vehicles have imported yet. This is not an issue in Australia since Joyner has a distributor there.

Carter Brothers/Ace had their warehouse and manufacturing plant burn down due to arson. Hopefully they can rebuild, but there may be something more to this fire...

Hammerhead Off Road has been a solid buggy, but efforts to import anything bigger than 250cc to the US have not materialized. HH makes larger buggies that could be desirable.

Kinroad makes similar quality buggies as Hammerhead, but is having EPA certification delays.

There are the inexpensive Tomberlin and Baja products that do well for the price you pay (same class as the Yerf-Dog).

Then you have Roketa/BMS buggies that usually made by Goka .Roketa buys from various sources and was caught with forged EPA documents.

SUNL is like Roketa and buys from the cheapest builder to call it their own. They have the least consistent product of any brand and support is spotty.
 #8651  by olderthan
 Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:02 pm
of all the 150 gy6 i have driven the punisher 2 seems the best-the one i have is far from stock-i realy enjoy it
if it just had the room of my gk-13