• Please help me ID my new buggy...(pics)

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 #7320  by Doug9044
 Sun Nov 15, 2009 4:26 pm
hey guys,

I've stumbled on this site googling GY6 and I'm glad I have. I'm happy to see there is a nice following for this hobby as well as others. I'm truly excited about this new buggy I just bought yesterday in various stages of repair. Mainly the engine is toast from what I'm gathering so I'm doing my homework there, gonna call BD Monday, but I'm still out on what type of buggy it actually is?

I've been over it 10 times and I can't find any ID numbers on it. Its been spray painted in a few places and generally left for dead. I was able to get it to spin over and try to start before something happened to the starter but mainly just to check out the electrical system.

It has reverse, 2 seats, and a GY6 150cc engine with the short tail housing. That's about all I can figure out on my own. Here's a few pics for anyone who may be able to help!

Thanks!! Doug.
 #7321  by Texas28
 Sun Nov 15, 2009 5:59 pm
It is a Twister Hammerhead 150.