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Super happy with Buggy Depot? Let us and others know right here!
 #10810  by williamejennings
 Fri Aug 18, 2017 5:31 pm
The short version of my story is that my ~1 year old upgraded performance engine with less than 10 hours of use began to have serious oil leak issues. I've seen the result of blow-by many times and that looked like the problem. I reached out to BD and eventually connected with Travis to explain my dilemma via e-mail as that is the approach.

I halfway expected the reply to be "we are really sorry but your engine is beyond the warranty period, so best of luck to you". Instead, Travis and I had a real discussion about some of the issues my engine was having and that he has seen this problem before. The net result was he agreed to pay for the entire cost of shipping and repairing my GY6 engine. Yes, there were some parts and labor quality issues that Travis was well aware of and he has worked to address both within BD. I just want to let others know that contacting BD via the methods defined on the website certainly does work and that you will get the help you have come to expect from the folks at BD. My only reminder to all of us, including me, is to be calm and patient as the folks at BD work to make things right so they can continue to be a valued business to all of us. Well Done BD and Travis!!