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Buggy Depot Ball Joint Kit Install Guide

PostPosted:Fri Jul 14, 2006 1:14 am
by Travis @ Buggy Depot
Buggy Depot Ball Joint Kit Install Guide

It is very important to use loctite thread locker on the ball joint shank threads during the installation of this kit. This should be common practice on all frame and suspension parts, and especially with steering components.


1. Locate the ball joints.
2. Use pliers to remove snap ring from ball joint.
3. Remove spindle from A-Arms.
4. Remove top from new ball joints and insert into A-Arm.
5. Place top back on to ball joint shank and tighten the supplied lock nut. If you have reinforced spindles: it is a good idea to leave the lower ball joint very loose for clearance while assembling the spindle back onto the cart.
6. Assemble the spindle back onto the cart and tighten lower locknuts on the ball joints.

Note: It is important to tighten all lock nuts as much as possible. The top and bottom ball joint holders may bend slightly when tightened, this is normal.

Note: Alignment may need to be adjusted after installation. If after installing this kit the steering becomes “touchy” at higher speeds, you need to adjust the toe-in.