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 #10362  by X-Shark
 Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:05 am
I'm new to this stuff...

I have 2 buggies that I just acquired.




On the Crossfire

I've read of a air cleaner update to a Uni unit. But what do you do with all the vent hoses?

Build a manifold and install another Uni filter on it with all the breather hoses hooked to the manifold?

The stock air cleaner was removed for inspection and maintenance. Where 2 of the screws are holding the cover on, it broke little circles of plastic out of the other part. The far aft mount is broken off and the O-ring that seals the haves is all torn up. They are for sale, but wanted some input.

On the little Green machine. I have no info on it. It has independent front end and swing arm rear. It has a 90, 100 or 110CC motor? Guy I got it from, bought it used.

It is a 4speed auto clutch motor. It spins over. Feels like some compression....I don't have the adpter to screw my compression gage into the plug hole.

The wiring is old and brittle, plastic plugs falling apart. Carb ? probelly junk? Brakes are mechanical disc and half A$$ at best.

Any help is appreciated. :)
 #10538  by NCFRC
 Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:14 pm
I guess it all depends on how much spare time you have and if you like to tinker.

Probably not going to be a money maker but could be fun after spending a few hundred
in misc repairs.

Most of these darn things have seen little maintenance and left outside.

I've changed the engine oil three times in the last month on ours and it still comes out very dark.
That basically proves that it saw very few oil changes,
 #10566  by NCFRC
 Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:26 am
To answer your post title ,,,, A USA made UNI 2 stage air filter is darn hard to beat :D
 #10569  by PGH
 Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:45 am
The Crossfire requires a 6-8" intake plenum between the carburetor and open air filter. You will most likely need a 120 or 125 main jet to compensate for the additional air flow. The crankcase breather off the valve cover should have a crankcase vent on end to prevent sucking in dirt. The final transmission vent can use a small gasoline filter to prevent contaminating the gear oil. Any other lines hanging off the carburetor float bowl drain or overflow port do not need a filter.