• Got 2 spiderbox 150 howhit for $200-have some issues and ??

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 #10497  by Jp6940
 Fri Jul 29, 2016 9:50 pm
One came with a new carb the guy bought but didn't know how to hook it up.
I have a newer gen and an older gen....
Working on the newer gen for the moment:
Checked compression and was reading 90lbs....
Bought a new head, valves, springs, jug, piston and rings. Installed and adjusted valves to .004 in and ex. Compression was reading at 140psi (seems a little low huh?)
I noticed that while I was putting the rocker arms/ca, back on that the cam chain had a unusual bit of slack in it?? Put it together and started it up. Idled pretty good. Decided to take it out for a few minutes and ran real good. Took it out a second time and it was idling real rough and when I gave it gas it was just dying out:(
Popped the valve cover off and checked for TDC. It seems to have jumped a tooth. Yes, the chain tensioner is working properly and is almost all the way down but the chain still has slack in it? What the heck is going on?? The chain IS on the rear sprocket because I checked.
I would assume the chain has stretched? Is it difficult to replace the chain? I would think so.
Why is it jumping a tooth and why is there slack in the chain?? I'm a bit puzzled. The width of the head/jug is exactly the same as the original head and jug.
Thanks for all that can help!!

* ok it seems that BOTH yerf's have stretched chains!!? What would cause this? I assume I have to split the case on both to replace the chain. I already bought a new jug and head so I guess I'll have one that is "newer" than the other...
Or just buy a new BD motor!!