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 #8682  by locksmith33
 Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:44 pm
need help, i just bought a baja buggy from my friend and it had no carb. i just bought a carb but need a diagram on the fuel line locations. from tankt to where? and theres a tube coming off the intake manifold too? where do i plug em in?
 #8683  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:52 pm
- The fuel line attaches to the brass barb on the drivers-side of the carburetor

- The manifold vacuum line attaches to the port on the passenger side of the carb. This port is integrated to a cap a little bigger than a quarter. Check out the diagram attached to this post.

There are other ports on the carb used for overflow and draining. They are not needed to run.
 #9901  by vtwin4Christ
 Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:41 pm
I had a similar problem... But way more interesting. :)

Purchased a used cart from some Appalachian engineers It was ALL rigged up!

Cleaned carb, replaced all bearings in gear box... Fired right up but was running rough and kept wanting to die.

Whent to check oil... It sprayed out!

Best I can figure is.. They have the crankcase line going to the carb instead of the air box. So engine can't breath. Pressure builds up and there was a good 20-30 PSI behind the dip stick!

I am going to re-plumb it today... Hoping for the best.

Maybe I will post pics of the rear axle they welded together that goes wobble wobble. LOL :( Every turn on that thing is an adventure.