• Hammerhead 150 Slow Jet Size??

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 #10588  by Sweaty Yeti
 Sat Dec 17, 2016 6:03 pm
I have a Hammerhead Twister GTS 150 (GY6 engine). It was a barn find and I'm trying to get running. I replaced the CDI, Ignition Coil, Carburator, Intake manfold, and added an UNI Filter style air filter. I also drilled through the vacuum style petcock and put a gas on/off swtich instead with an inline filter. I plugged the vacuum line from the carb that used to attach to the petcock, and plugged the petcock as well.

The only way to get the kart to start and run is to open the Fuel Air screw all the way out to the point of almost falling out. This is the case whether or not the air filter is on or not. Took carb apart to check the pilot jet and main jet and both are completely clear.

When I'm driving it, it runs great, no issues. It's just getting it started and idling is futile.

I'm wondering if the pilot jet is too small for the new air filter. The only problem is the jet is not marked so I have no idea what size it is... meaning I don't know what the next size is. I'm probably going to throw the old air box on tomorrow and see if the stock jet works with it. Maybe that will at least answer if it's jet issue or not. Could this possibly be a float level issue? If float shuts off too soon could it starve itself for fuel? Doesn't seem to have any issue when your on the gas and riding.

Anything I could try to get to the bottom of this?? Any advice would be much appreciated!!