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November 2019 Forum Retirement
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 #10516  by bcrane112
 Sun Aug 14, 2016 5:54 am
Hi all, we bought a basket case Baja reaction 150 about 6 weeks ago from some guy who had no business touching tools! The wiring was so bad it was comical! Anyway we finally took it to our local orv park last weekend and discovered that these little things are a blast! They don't nearly get the exposure they deserve. Dollar for dollar they are a in expensive way to have a ton of fun. Just wanted to say thanks to bd for all of your technical support, the knowledge on this website is invaluable. Amongst all the other toys in the garage I will probably always have one of these buggys there!
 #10519  by PGH
 Mon Aug 15, 2016 9:51 am
I found the same fun as you but have a 12 year head start. You may find that having just one is not enough and having two is still less expensive than having one quad or side by side.
 #10553  by bcrane112
 Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:39 am
Ya. Copy that! I think two would be a riot! We live in north Idaho and we can ride ATV trails along the highway for miles (legally!) Literally hundreds of miles. Two of these are defiantly on the roster. They're like tonka toys super easy to work on and tons of aftermarket support. Already spreading the word up here. Had a guy come up to me last time we went riding with that familiar look asking about the buggy for his boys. So I let his kids jump in and go for a spin! Got him hook line and sinker, we exchanged numbers and now we're searching for a buggy for him. Thanks again you guys for everything!