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Yerf single seat

PostPosted:Thu Sep 26, 2013 5:46 pm
by ckau
Wanted to share a few pics of my latest build. I have been working on this one, as time allowed, for quite some time. Too many modifications to list in one post but a few of the major.
The frame was split, sectioned then mated to narrow the whole unit. Lightened then reinforced
Front and rear suspensions have been re built and modified with heims at all pivot points. Shock mounts relocated to afford more travel with taller shocks
Rear swing with heim pivots fitted with a asuza axle supported by 5 bearing cassettes. Duel disc brakes on rear axle.
Front brakes supplied by buggy depot along with a brake bios added for front control. Rear brakes are stock yerf . Rront and rear braking is independent with a dedicated master cylinder for each .
These pics were taken before the motor was installed but it's up and running now. Very light and fast .. a real joy to play with.
As soon as all the bugs are worked out ,it will be stripped and painted. Carries a multicolor range of primer at the moment.
A big shout out to Travis for supplying some of the components used in this build. :thumbsup: