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 #9871  by plummerspc@yahoo.com
 Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:40 pm
I do not understand why I have to write this forum in order to get this resolved. I have called and spoken to Jeremy 4 times and ask that he email me a copy of the invoices for my last purchases. He was even going to send me tracking numbers so I can check on their transit to me. He did neither. I explained that no shipping receipts or invoices came with the package. I explained that if I choose to resell my go-cart I need to have a itemized list of upgrades I purchased. I don't think it is asking to much. I placed a order online for BDX Ball joints, front tire upgrade kit. order#18460. I received that invoice because I found I could print it from online. But the rest of my order placed days apart over the phone. Which equaled the BDX 3' Lift kit. Shocks, Relocation Brackets, (missing spacers). I have no receipt for. All I have is an amount charged to my bank card for $164.34. I am ready to order a bunch more upgrades. Check my basket list. But I will not checkout on another item until I receive the invoices I have coming to me as a customer. I am a reasonable guy. But this is ridiculous.
I have read this whole forum. And it seems that I am not the first to experience this. :yikes:

P.S. Barry I have not received the missing spacers yet for the shock relocation brackets that you promised would be mailed out by Saturday 2/8/14. :?
 #9872  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Wed Feb 19, 2014 1:25 am
Hi Dennis,
I sent you a message earlier tonight in response to your PM, did you get a chance to read it? Normally all receipts are available both emailed at the time of purchase and online through your account as well. On (first) request we include the receipt with the order or mail separately as you've asked.

There has been a mix up here with how the order was recorded, I have to check in the morning when I can get with shipping and Jeremy to see what exactly happened between them.

The problem, at least from what I see at this point, is that there was confusion about how to process the order when you originally requested a split version of the kit instead of the whole kit itself. This was a problem on our end since our system works off of part numbers and no part number existed specifically for what you were looking to buy. It appears sales attempted to compensate for this by creating the order without any items in it, and giving a written copy of the custom order to shipping for fulfillment - later corrected with shipping again in written form when you decided to order the whole kit. This is why you received the order unaffected by our internal issue, but it seems that is where the technical problem occurred resulting in the lack of a receipt and Jeremy's delay since then trying to produce one. The digital version of the order didn't properly record into the system, so it's unavailable to him and didn't email you a copy of the receipt either.

I'm in the process of straightening all of this out on our end and I apologize for the confusion. I will email the receipt to you myself, but I don't want to clear and recreate the order until I can talk with everyone involved here. Also, I will check to see about the spacers.

We're open and transparent with our customer feedback including the negative, which is why we've created this section of the forum. We all appreciate your business here and your patience as well, and I hope you'll allow us to continue being your parts supplier.

Thank you