• Buggy Depot Newsletter July 2007

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 #2719  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Thu Jul 05, 2007 9:45 am
Buggy Depot Newsletter July 2007

0. Introduction
1. Welcome to our newest staff!
2. Re-introduction of BD STAGE Kits!
3. Glow fiends!
4. Beta Axle Pre-order Status.
5. Full-time Welding.
6. Moved!

0. Introduction
Wow guys, it's been over half a year since our last newsletter went out. Our last issue turned out to be the ONLY monthly newsletter in the entire year of 2006. Now we're back with a lot of exciting news and announcements that we are sure will pump you up for some serious summer riding!

1. Welcome to our newest staff!
I would first off like to extend a welcome to David and Roque, the newest members of the BD-ORB Staff Team! They joined us in early June and have since completely taken over the shipping and production departments. Lets all give it up for lightning quick shipping and extremely well fitted parts as we welcome them in! Remember: If you have a problem with your order, call David!

2. Re-introduction of BD STAGE Kits!
We're gonna shave your heads, bore your jugs, twist your tailpipes, stroke your cranks, burn your bulbs, and much more with our new generation of STAGED upgrade kits! By the time we're done, you're buggy will be a 185cc high-output, high compression screaming machine. The new upgrade structure covers 5 critical areas of performance on the 150cc platform to really get you rolling with some serious high-octane fun!

(Stage 1 – 3) [Engine, Drive train, Suspension, Electrical, and Durability].

Of course, as you progress up from STAGE 1 to S2 and S3, your performance will increase accordingly in the areas you choose to upgrade. Stage 1 upgrades are already available online for purchase. S2 and S3 will be coming very shortly.

Here's a bit more info to get you hyped up:
We've taken all the guesswork out of upgrading for you with our new generation of comprehensive performance packages!

STAGE 1 lays a basic foundation for your buggy in 5 critical performance areas.
Great for the weekend dirt ripper, or those who want an edge on their buddies.
STAGE 2 adds to the foundation of S1 to optimize and enhance 150cc performance in 5 critical performance areas to reach it's maximum potential at the stock engine size.
A great level of performance for those who love ripping it up and want to be at the front of the pack.
STAGE 3 completes the upgrading process, bringing your buggy to it's highest potential ever! Building on the foundation of the previous levels in 5 critical performance areas, STAGE 3 shatters limitations set by the stock engine class. Engine displacement, compression ratio, ride height, electrical capacity, and much more is upgraded to the max in these awesome kits. Your buggy will be a screaming machine!
The ultimate level of GY6 buggy performance for those who are serious about performance and know what they want!

3. Glow Fiends!
Yeeaah right! As if you Fast and the Furious crazed don't already know what I'm about to say! That's right guys, we're working on some serious flare for the underside of your buggy with some ingenious new under-body glows! We're not talking shoddy single color neon kits either. Each one of our LED kits, from Basic to Advanced will be MULTI-COLOR works of genius, wonderment, and pure amazement. The kits will be offered in several flavors, all of which worthy of some serious bragging rights at all the meets and events, as well as making all your riding buddies green with pure saturated envy -- or maybe that's just your under-body glow on their faces!

The kits will range in function from 7-color kits, to full-blown setups capable of 2.1 MILLION COLORS with dozens of flashy patterns. The kits will strobe, scan, pulse, beat in sync with a music source, and MUCH more! All of this for what I guarantee will be less that what you'll expect to pay for such an insanely awesome product.

Now I know what the skeptics are thinking: Glow tubes under an off road vehicle? We all ride way too rough for something like that, are you crazy?

Yes! but that's not the point. We've done our research and designing, and are comfortable offering kits which we've specifically designed for the buggies. BLADE owners already have perfect spots to mount the fully waterproof LED tubes that will protect them very well from terrain underneath. The GX150 will be a bit trickier to protect from terrain since it has such a flat bottom. However, when we are finished development I'm sure you will agree that we have come up with a simply awesome and well thought out set of solutions for your glowing, strobing, and pulsing desires. And with all the meets, gatherings, and events going on this summer and fall, we know you're looking for a way to stand out.. here it is!

The 11-pole stator will be needed for use of these kits, which we are also working on making available in July.

4. Beta Axle Pre-order status.
If you read our November newsletter back in '06, you remember us raving about our new axle design. You'll remember how excited we were about the design itself, all of it's features, strength, and how we couldn't wait to get the prototypes in for testing. Yep, we recieved the prototypes, we tested them out, and they turned out to be ALL THAT and a big fat bag of chips! Seriously, we were very pleased with results, which exceeded even our expectations of the design.

We have been taking pre-orders on the beta axle units since around February when we began talking to the manufacturer again about producing a much larger batch of axle kits. We originally estimated them to be in by mid-April since new development and communications on the new batch were running smoothly at the time.

However, it has turned out to be extremely hard working with the Taiwanese manufacturer that produced our original prototype units. The company has dropped communications with us several times thus far. It is now June, with no axles yet.

We are very sorry for the long wait here folks. We have been talking to several additional overseas manufacturers with little luck. We are now looking into manufacturers here in the US. We may even look at purchasing our own equipment and begin making the axles ourselves.

We are working hard towards a solution for the axle situation. Hang tight guys, we'll get the axles kits to you soon!!!

5. Full-time Welding!
The turn around time on many of our services has now been drastically reduced! We are now able to perform metal working everyday instead of only on the weekends. You'll be pleased with the super short time it takes to get your parts back from us -- and I'll be pleased because I have my weekends back!

All of our products and services that require metal cutting, drilling, and welding have been affected.

NEW turn around times:
A-Arm Reinforcements (1 ~ 2 Days, from receiving your A-arms.)
3rd Gen Reinforcements (1 ~ 2 Days, from receiving your spindles.)
1st & 2nd Generation Heavy Duty Spindles (1 – 3 Days after order is placed.)
3rd Generation Heavy Duty Spindles (1 – 3 Days after order is placed.)

Lately we've had A-Arms and spindle reinforcements welded up and sent back the SAME DAY as we received them in the mail. How's that for a turn around time?! Cool.

5. Moved
We just completed our move to the new buildings and are in the process of getting everything sorted back out. If you emailed any of the staff between June 20 and July 3 and haven't received a reponse yet, please be patient. We tried to stay up-to-date as much as we could during the move, but there are still several email messages that we are catching up on now.

Our number is the same, 434-374-4217. So give us a call sometime!

Well, that concludes our July newsletter. There is a bunch that wasn't covered here, but we'll get to that later.