• Current Status of Ruckus Swap Kits [Update 8-16-11]

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 #9118  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:42 pm
A quick note to our BUGGY guys who have been dying to get ahold of me lately:
If you’ve called in to the office within the last 3-4 months looking for me, you probably already know that I’ve been unavailable for a good long time now. I’ve tried my best to get back to everyone either by relaying messages through our new techs (in training), or following up with emails after hours. I apologize for seeming like a cold shoulder fellas. My head has been pretty well 110% into ensuring this first batch of Ruckus orders makes it to completion. Once we get all of these things wrapped up I’ll be available to talk shop and help diagnose your buggy/GY6 problems again on a more routine basis. However, we're steady training our new tech support crew so pretty soon you'll be able get answers whether I'm available or not.

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So what is a Ruckus?
The Honda Ruckus is a 50cc scooter, which in the last few years has become well known for owners swapping in the same 150cc GY6 engines that our buggies use (albeit, long-cases).

Previous Updates:
To date, we've shipped out several complete swap kits and the majority of our guys have been up and riding for a while now. As everyone on our pre-orders list already knows, the holdup for the last few months has been the BDX Plug-n-Play Harness.
What we've done:
To compensate for the expected delays and wait times, early this summer our team devoted a few weeks to the building and sending out of a "basic" version of our harness free of charge for our pre-orders, made specifically to get our guys up and running while the full harness comes through the pipe. The basic harness we sent out free of charge is equivalent to most other harnesses on the market valued at $300+. The only thing the basic harness is really missing is the fuel light functionality. The majority of our pre-order guys are up and riding right now.

The full BDX harness is a complicated piece to manufacture, and delays have popped up on several occasions. Please keep in mind that no one has attempted to pack this much functionality into a harness before. This is exactly reason why there is no other harness like this on the market. Admittedly, we underestimated the complexity earlier this year and began taking orders too soon, for which we apologize. At this point we've made it past all of the major difficulties, but there are still a lot of small issues to wrap up. We expect the delay to continue for at least a couple more months.
The dangling carrot syndrome is in full effect here.
[anchor]u1[/anchor]Update 8/16/11:
As of today (8-16-11) we do not currently have a concrete ETA on the shipment of the full harness, however steady progress is being made and we are confident that our pre-order guys will consider the wait to have been well worth it once the full BDX harness is received, with all of the new features we've added in the last few months. We also have a number of free upgrades and parts we'll be sending out to our pre-order guys (see further in this update).

Summer is closing out… so what are the options?
We have several pre-order purchasers who have opted to place their entire order on hold while waiting, in order to keep resources focused on the full harnesses. If anyone is antsy to get their swap going on in the immediate future (with a basic harness, or just to get all of the hardware physically swapped in while waiting for the electronics), please contact us and we'll try to work out a solution. Please keep in mind that we don't have any basic harnesses on hand, and to produce more will put a hold on the full harnesses.

Who to contact for updates:
I’ve attempted to personally stay in contact with all of our pre-order guys as things have progressed along, but could never really keep up with the ongoing communications while working full time on the harnesses, and handling other responsibilities here at BD. Chuck will now be the go-to guy for updates at any time. If you have a question, comment, or anything at all, please call our office and speak with Chuck. 434-447-4780 9AM - 5PM EST.

Free upgrades and gifts for the preorders:
Note: The adapter you see in the picture won't be included... because the
plug-n-play 11-pole adapter functionality is already built into the harness!
To show our appreciation for everyone who has stuck with us over the last few months, we will be sending out free upgrades to everyone currently on our pre-order list.
- Complete 11-pole Stator and Rectifier Upgrade Package*.
- *For guys who are already up and riding, we'll include the flywheel puller as well so that you can install the stator upgrade.

Also, there are a few other interesting items for Ruckus that we’re developing that should make life a little easier. We plan to offer these items for free or close to free for everyone currently pre-ordered on the swap kits.

Digital OEM Fuel Pump Controller:
Since the original Ruckus fuel pump is digitally controlled, you can’t just hook the battery up to it. That’s why most harnesses won’t run the OEM fuel pump, and the ones that do require you to keep the bulky computer unit installed as well. Our unit will do away with the stock computer and will power your OEM Ruckus fuel pump independently from a small package that can be installed out of the way. We plan to make the pump output adjustable by the user.

Digital Fuel Level Gauge:
A 10-segment LED display shows the percentage of fuel level in the tank. No expensive sending unit required to operate this gauge. Display shows a range of 10 steps, and from green, to yellow, to red depending on fuel level.

Affordable Kickstands
Nothing fancy about our upcoming kickstands. Durable, yet affordable. Chrome appearance.

Again, these new items will be offered first to our guys who are currently waiting on pre-orders, as free gifts or very close to free. We don’t expect to have these projects done for a while, but when the time comes, we’ll keep you guys in mind.

Guys still looking to get in on the pre-order list…
Despite our kit listing being half-outdated at the moment, we receive calls and messages daily about the availability of our harnesses and mounts, and information on how to get on some sort of waiting list. If you're interested in getting in the door on our products, please contact us and ask for Chuck at 434-447-4780 9AM - 5PM EST.