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 #13698  by partsgoob
 Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:16 pm
After about 5 years in storage I decided to get the old GX150 out again. After getting it running I took it out for a few spins around the yard and the belt broke. I figured it was dry rotted and bought a new one. When I was driving it a few days ago the belt broke again. It has only been run about 3 hours since the new belt was installed. Back in 2009 I was having the same problem with broken belts. I contacted this forum and was advised to go 10 gram rollers and a yellow 1500 rpm torque spring because of hilly terrain. I made these modifications then and the cart performed well, but still broke a belt occasionally. Is there any thoughts out there as to why I keep breaking belts? Everything inside the case looks good, although the clutch pulley (rear) does seem to be slightly bent. BTW the variator rollers I used back in 2009 were sliders from DR Pulley.