• Carter Talon won’t fire unless key is in run, not start

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 #13096  by TexasMech
 Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:10 pm
It’s the strangest thing to me, and it started happening about a year ago, it won’t fire while cranking, as soon as I let off of the start detent, it fires right up and idles good, no matter how cold or how hot
I have replaced the entire engine wiring harness and key switch, every single connector, brand new cdi (4 different ones) new stator, new rectifier, new coil, new plug, new carburetor, new choke. I made the harness exactly to spec from the Buggy Depot universal engine wiring diagram. I’ve grounded the cdi directly to the negative post of the battery, I’ve adjusted my valves twice.
It has no issues running whatsoever but just will not start when I’m cranking, the second I let off the key it fires and runs, but I can crank on it for 30 seconds and it won’t fire until I let off the key