• Reduced top speed, and a "rev limiter" feeling at high RPM (fix)

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 #10677  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:50 pm
Reduced top speed (and a high RPM miss) is usually caused by loose primary connections at the ignition coil. If your connections are loose, engine vibration at higher speeds will cause loss of signal. This will lead to a "rev limiter" feeling, and reduced CDI life.

Note: Some spade connections have locking tabs. The locks will NOT prevent this problem, the connector itself can (and will) still wear and loosen over time.

How to tighten your coil connectors:
  • Remove the spade connectors from you ignition coil.
  • Grab a pair of needle-nose pliers.
  • Look at the gap between the curled edges of the connector. That gap is the issue.
  • GENTLY apply pressure to each side of the connector, closing the gap.
  • GENTLY push the connector back in place on the ignition coil.
Make sure that you DON'T press the connector on at an angle, or you'll loosen the gap again.

Don't smash your connectors
This was a customer's harness returned under warranty due to inconsistent spark. There was no problem with the harness itself. The only problem was that this guy had completely smashed down his spades for the ignition coil. We chopped off and replaced the spades, problem solved.

Also, check for frayed wiring
If you're twisting wires together to make a connection, the ignition system will NOT be reliable. Use care when installing or removing your harness. Often I see guys using way too much force, and pull the right connectors off the wire. If you do pull off a connector, replace it.

Know when it's it time to replace the harness.
The ignition system needs reliable power and signal connections. If your harness looks like this, go ahead and get a new American-made harness. Don't try to salvage a corroded mess.

Do you have a problem revving to higher RPM?

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 #10712  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:55 pm
Here's the ignition coil. Note the two primary connections:


On some models you'll find the primary end under the electrical cover. On most models, you'll see it mounted to the back of the engine similar to this, but with a bracket:


I recommend that everyone mount their coil as seen in the picture. This will reduce vibration at the coil primaries, helping against connector fatigue. The coil is environmentally sealed, so you won't run into any moisture issues having it mounted outside of the electrical box.