• Have a technical problem? Ask here.

Have a technical problem? Ask here.

Forum rules: Help us to help you, by reading our information in this Forum thoroughly and performing the tests within to pinpoint your issue.
 #10628  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:17 pm
Following these rules will help you to get fast and accurate advice to solve your problem.

If you repeatedly ignore the rules, you'll be shown the door.

Rule 1: Search and Read!
Most common issues are already answered. It is expected that you research and work yourself to solve your problem before asking for help.

1. Start in the Technical Center. Scan through the articles. Read, digest the information, and go through each step in the relevant article. Do NOT skip steps!
2. Next, search through the 2005 - 2016 archives. There are nearly 10,000 posts there, many of which are very informative.
3. Don't see an answer to your issue? Go ahead and create a new topic in the Repair Advice Section.

If you ask a question that has already been answered and is easily found, we may point you to the existing answer (or we may just delete your new topic without response). Time is very limited, you have to be willing to help yourself to a reasonable extent before we can help you.

Rule 2. IMPORTANT: Tell us your make and model (not your VIN or serial number)
There are over 320 GY6-based models, all with different quirks and setups. If you don't bother to tell us which model you have, we can't help.

Don't know your model?
VIN numbers and serial numbers are worthless. If you don't know what model you have, go here and follow the rules.

Rule 3: Be ready to get your hands dirty with your machine.
Owning a GY6 vehicle means that you'll need to have basic maintenance skills to keep it running. We'll supply the information you need to diagnose your situation. However, we expect you to do the work without skipping steps. Otherwise, it would be best to take it to a mechanic or just sell the machine.

If more information is needed, be sure to get the information, pictures, or readings we ask for without skipping things.

Rule 4. Be clear and concise. Keep descriptions of each issue to around 5 - 10 sentences. No more, no less.

A very long explanation of your situation usually indicates that you haven't thought enough about your problem yet. Which means that we'll have to spend extra time and effort on your issue (time we don't have). On the other hand, only writing a sentence or two shows that you haven't thought about your issue at all!

If your description is too long, or too short, you will reduce your chances of getting help.

Rule 5. Don't write huge blobs of text. Use good formatting.
This is one of the most common reasons a person doesn't get a response.

If we have to work hard just to figure out what you're saying, you might be ignored and your post deleted without response.

Rule 6. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you upload a picture of your issue.
Pictures help in every situation. If you get asked to get pictures, please do so.

Pictures MUST be clear! Review your pictures before uploading them. If your picture is blurry, take another one

If you refuse to send in (upload) pictures, you may not get any further help until you upload those pictures. I understand you may be "old school", but you're buying online. You have to accept how online support is done. I can't "see" your problem through the phone or text.

Rule 7. Attention repair professionals: Don't be "that guy" refusing to listen to advice.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard something like: "I work on big 100k rigs every day, this 150cc can't be too difficult." Yes, it can!

Professional mechanics are generally the most difficult (and hard headed) type of GY6 owners to support. Not because the issues are more complex, just because skulls seem to be thicker.

Attitude is the problem. Your training may not translate very well to GY6 small engines. In many cases, it can cause more harm than good on this engine platform. I've seen some of the most ridiculous and spectacular GY6 repair fails come out of shops claiming over "100 years of experience" and citing books worth of certifications (that do NOT apply to the GY6).

Come in with the expectation that you're going to learn something new. My normal non-technical customers are great to work with, because they come in with a clean slate and don't feel that they already know everything. They're quick to admit an installation mistake and will readily follow my directions to solve their problem. This goes much farther towards getting your GY6 vehicle fixed than citing multiple certifications.

Just to be clear: there is practically zero documentation from GY6 manufacturers. GY6 repair jobs are almost always skill-based (logical troubleshooting), not documentation based. We, the riding community, make the documentation right here on the forums. If you don't like it, come in an help us improve the documentation. Don't complain. No one here forced you to buy a GY6 (or accept the repair job).

In summary, don't bother asking for help if you won't accept it. We can't add to a cup that's already full, and won't try.

That's it. If you agree to these rules, ask away!