• Kandi GY6 150cc Turns over but will not start

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 #11046  by lagoulas
 Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:37 pm
Went out for weekend. Buggy ran great. No pops, smoke or misfires all weekend. Go to start the next weekend and it turns over but will not start. Motor has about 10 hours on it. This thing is still all shiny and new .
I have spark
Vacuum lines and intake all in tact with no cracks
Fuel comes out of gravity fed hose to carb
Changed coil, put in hotter plug, carb with new jetting and it does the same thing. Tested compression with harbor freight gauge. Read 75lbs and then I squirted oil in cylinder hole and it went up to 120. (yes I held throttle wide open while cranking)
I also checked valves, tried them at 4&6, 3&5 and both at 4. Still same problem.
I could get motor to roughly idle a couple times with the mixture screw turned out 5 turns which is way too much but the minute I touch the throttle, it dies. I don't know what else to check or where to go from here.
Took top end off. Cylinder is perfect with not scratches, rings look perfect. I don't know where to go from here. Please help.
Do the PCV filters go bad and mess up vacuum????
Could I have a stuck valve????

Thanks in advance,
 #11083  by Travis @ Buggy Depot
 Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:00 am
75psi is very low. But with a new engine, this is likely to be a problem with the gauge rather than the engine.

Did you visually check spark at the plug? It should look like this with a healthy system:

lagoulas wrote:Do the PCV filters go bad and mess up vacuum????
Could I have a stuck valve????
There aren't PCV valves or filters on these. You may have a warped valve, but that is very unlikely.

I'm with Shawn on this one, it sounds like your idle jet is clogged inside of the carburetor. See my guide here:

150cc GY6 Carburetor Cleaning Guide
https://www.buggydepot.com/tech-center/ ... ing-guide/
 #11102  by lagoulas
 Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:42 pm
I may have misspoke on the pcv filter. There is a little black round plastic cylindrical piece that 2 or 3 vacuum hoses go into. I checked them and they seem to be fine but do these things cause problems with vacuum.

I put a completely new 24mm carb with a 125 or 6 jet and it still just turns over. The carb and jets are brand new. The coil and plug are also brand new. It does the same thing it did with the older carb and coil. Also put a new uridium plug in with new coil. Ive since changed the jet to a 110 or 114 and it still just turns over. I checked the spark at the plug. Im not sure how to do it by the diagram above but I will try and follow that and see if it will arc. The part that is confusing is the fact that I can get it to idle roughly with the mixture screw out 5 turns but if I touch anything, it dies. I will try the starter fluid also. This thing is driving me nuts. I have the top end off so I have to order a gasket and put it back together before I try anything else. Please let me know if anyone thinks of anything else. I will post again. Thanks so much for the help. I would drive it off a tall bridge but it wont start. ughhhh