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How It Works! Decyphering GY6 Engine Codes
[78,383 views - 67 comments - Rating 4/5 ****- ]
So you found a code on your buggy or scooter and you're wondering what it means. The code can actually tell you a lot about a specific engine.

You can find your engine code below the CVT cover, beside the oil drain plug.

We'll take a look at the most common engine code: 157QMJ.
The first thing to note is that the actual code always starts with the first number, and continues for a total of 6 digits. Anything extra is a manufacturer-specific information that won't be covered here at this time.

Lets disect the code starting with the first digit:
(Digit #1) Corrasponds to the number of cylinders. All GY6 engines are single cylinder, so this number will always be 1.

(Digit #2 and #3) This is the bore size in metric millimeters, in the case of the 157QMJ, our bore is 57mm. Note that 57.4mm bore engines fall under the "57" designation.

(Digit #4) relates to the style of engine. All GY6 engines are designated "Q".

(Digit #5 and #6) The actual size of the engine. The second letter ascends consecutively for each 10cc. MB = 50cc, MC = 60cc, MD for a 70, MH = 110cc, MI = 125cc, MJ = 150cc

That is pretty much it for the standard codes stamped on most GY6 and other Chinese engines. We will add more information about manufacturer-specific codes as we find it out.

Feel free to post your engine code or any additional information below in our comments box, we'll add any new information here!
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67 comments about this article:
Poster #1 [05/20/10] Rating 3/5 ***--
I got a buggy with no name or marking but the NO# on the case are JL1P57QMJ can anyone tell me about it
Poster #2 [08/11/10] Rating 5/5 *****
thanks again
Poster #3 [10/24/10] Rating 1/5 *----
my gy6 says k01494. it says on the head ky10 gy6. the side cover says smc. what the heck is it and what parts do i use. it is on a carter xtv 2150. this is the problem since carters facility burnt down in july i believe.
Poster #4 [11/03/10] Rating 3/5 ***--
what is the compression in psi's of my gye howit 150cc engin
Poster #5 [11/16/11] Rating 5/5 *****
Need to get a cert of origin or MSO for my 2003 yerf dog rover. Anyone have any ideas how to get this? Need to get a title for offroad tag. Thanks
Poster #6 [11/22/11] Rating 5/5 *****
will gy6 bore kits work on 157fm talon karts/
Poster #7 [02/13/12] Rating 5/5 *****
how about my engine 147 QME

Poster #8 [02/13/12] Rating 4/5 ****-
my engine is 147 QME
Poster #9 [06/24/12] Rating 5/5 *****
hi I have a carter talon with an engine code 152fm ...
Poster #10 [06/24/12] Rating 5/5 *****
hi I have a carter talon with an engine code 152fm ...
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